Thursday, August 13, 2015

Good Fences ~ Edition 73 ~

On Monday as I was getting ready for my knitting class,
I got a text, from my teacher Leanne, it read...
"Coco needs a bottle at 1:00, want to feed her?? 
My mom is away today and I'm in charge of feeding.
I thought you might like to help".

My response:  oh god yes, I can leave now".
Leanne: Thought you would!!
Me:  hehe, I just wet my pants, but only a little!

I arrived at the farm a few minutes later, and there it was...
Coco's bottle.

 Leanne told me that Coco is a "reluctant" eater, but I was still hopeful.

 There are a lot of babies on the farm right now 

 and they were actually quite friendly.

 But getting Coco to take the bottle, from me, didn't happen.

She did however take it from Leanne and I was so happy she ate.

oooooh yes, and there were some fences too!!!

Sharing images taken on August 10th at Arrow Acres Farm with
Theresa at The Run*A*Round Ranch 
for Good Fences 
Stop by and consider joining in the fun, any fence or gate will do!


  1. Good morning, Debbie

    Oh my, I would have jumped at the chance to feed the baby alpacas too. Lucky you! They are so darn cute! Adorable critters. Great fence shots too, have a happy day!

  2. The babies are absolutely adorable! Sorry Coco wouldn't take the bottle from you. I guess Coco is a cautious little one.

  3. such unique and funny and cute critters. :) those little puffy faces and huge eyes and 'raked' coats. :)

  4. They look sooo soft! What a once in a life time occasion.

  5. aww, look at those faces. so so cute. they really do look tiny with their hairs all cut & gone. what great shots. i bet you had a blast. ( :

  6. Oh I love those fuzzy faces!!!!

  7. Oh they are darling. How lucky are you to have the chance to be there to feed them.

    They look like they have same soft fur as a toy Teddy bear I have on my bed.

  8. they are so adorable...just the cutest things I've ever seen. Now, I want to feed one....

  9. Debbie who cares about the fences when you have these cuties to look at! - Okay the fences are nice but those animals are just way to cute.

  10. Oh but at least you got so close! They are just the cutest and cuddliest alpacas!
    Hopefully you might get to feed some others?!

  11. LOL! They're cute little things!

  12. These alpacas are darling. I enjoyed Alan Park's book "Seriously Mum, What's An Alpaca" about how he and his wife moved to Spain and are raising alpacas there; you might like the book.

  13. GORGEOUS, GORGEOUS, GORGEOUS. Did I tell you Debbie these animals are gorgeous. the babies are so cute.

  14. They are just the cutest, their fur looks so nice and fluffy, bummer she wouldn't take the bottle from you but looks like it was fun just being with them :)

  15. What an amazing visit you had! They are more than adorable. They've got the cutest faces ever!

  16. What lovely babies. This post didn't show up in my sidebar. I wonder why? I love when you get pictures of these lovely babies.

  17. These faces. Oh. My. Word!! Too cute for words!

  18. Great photos and tender. those babies!!

  19. Omigosh. These guys are darling. They look like toy stuffed animals with those great haircuts.

  20. You did get some amazing photos of those beautiful Alpacas'. The babies are so adorable. Coco looks like a charming one; sorry she wouldn't let you feed her. Their fur looks so soft. Great fences too!
    You always take such captivating photos.
    Blessings and hugs!

  21. Debbie - truly amazing, wonderful, fantastic, adorable, cute ... I'm running out of superlatives.


    All the best Jan

  22. Oh, they're so adorable! I'll bet you were elated at being so close to them!

  23. Oh, they're so adorable! I'll bet you were elated at being so close to them!