Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Summer Knitting Class

On Monday, I had a knitting class with Leanne.
I am making her sister Andee's, Outlander Cowl
It has always been one of my favorites
and it will be an extra special piece to add to my wardrobe,
 because Andee wrote the pattern
 and Leanne taught the class.

These girls are really amazing and knitting on the farm 
has been such a great experience, 
at a time in my life when I really needed it.

A week or so ago Leanne sent me all the information 
to purchase my yarn and get my cowl started.  
Casting on 100 stitches and getting one inch completed were no problem. 
My yarn is purple and I plan on keeping this cowl for winter, 
it's gorgeous.

Class on Monday went great. 
We sat outside, we watched the Alpaca roam and it was so cool on the farm 
I was actually able to sit outside for two hours. 
Two whole hours, now that's a miracle. 
I had such a fun time, I enjoy Leanne's company 
and we always have the fun-est conversations.

 Here's a peek at the cowl...

 and the pattern.

 It looks pretty with the hydrangeas from my garden...

close up it looks a little like a basket weave.
So far, it's been easy, peasy and I learned how to "make 1",
that's knitting lingo for adding a stitch!

Something else exciting happened on the farm Monday.
Tune in tomorrow to find out what!!

And for the very first time, 
I am joining Ginny at Small Things 
Yarn Along


  1. I can't wait to see you model this Debbie. It looks lovely and of course the color is perfect :)

  2. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! So glad I get to see you again :) And looking forward to the next post. Heehee

  3. What a surprise you are knitting with PURPLE yarn. lol It's a lovely shade of purple and I just know the end results will be perfect.

  4. Hello Debbie, the purple looks so pretty. It will look lovely on you, I am sure. You are a quick learner when it comes to knitting. I am so glad you are able to enjoy these lessons and the cute alpacas. Enjoy your day!

  5. Love the colour and looking forward to the finished article

  6. Oh this is going to be delightful. How fun, and good for the soul to make. Lovely shots.

  7. I love the color. You are going to look so pretty wearing this when it finally gets cold. :)
    You have learned so much from your classes.

  8. Beautiful project and what a surprise that you chose purple! Looking forward to seeing your progress, have a great day Debbie.

  9. How pretty. I really love the color you picked.

  10. What a pretty project and yarn your are working with; great color. Heather

  11. Gorgeous cowl and they go very well with the hydrangea.

  12. Love the color, pattern, and style! Can't wait to see you modelling it!

  13. This will be nice when the winter come. You are really good in things like this.
    ☺Take care☺

  14. First off HUGE welcome to the knit along I don't know why you took so long to join us!!! And I am so impressed with your cowl!!!!! You are going to love wearing it all winter!!!!!!! I love the color you are making.

  15. I love the color, beautiful. I have always wanted to take a knitting class and now is the time to do it.

  16. i can see why it'll be a special piece for you. ahem...the color is a clue, but it's nice to have a personal design with a personal instructor, too. :)

  17. That is a beautiful scarf. And the purple yarn is so pretty!

  18. When I was young, I took a photography class at the New School in the Village in NYC..I loved photography ever since...Now, I am old and tired...and a fabric freak...cannot do everything they say..Your great sense of a joy to behold. I love your pictures

  19. Beautiful color, Debbie, and what a nice setting for knitting! My daughter has been reading the Outlander series and now I'm excited to try to make that cowl pattern for her! Thanks for telling us about it. Enjoy the project.

  20. Dearest Debbie-Seashore-Girl,
    I remember when you started your classes there. Was that before or after your little visit to the hospital? How great you were blessed with the farm just when you needed it, huh? Yaaaay! I Still wish I could learn to knit like you. You make such purrdy things as jb likes to say.
    :) m & jb

  21. So glad to hear you had such a great time, I think it is a blessing to be able to find people that love to craft and just sit and do it together and have great fellowship! It is looking great and yes it goes perfectly with your lovely flowers :)

  22. Oh Debbie, I love the purple cowl. It looks like it will turn out to be just beautiful. I am just so impressed on how well you are doing. I think it is so fun to do something you really enjoy. I need to get back to crocheting.
    Loved all the pictures and the Cowl did match your lovely flowers.

  23. I would love to see how this progresses, Debbie, and I hope you will model it for us when it is finished. I LOVE the color! :-)