Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Summer Knitting!!

I wasn't sure I would enjoy knitting during the Summer...
because of the whole "it's hot thing",
but I do...I really, really do!!

I have been busy with several projects
this past June & July,
so let's take a peek at what I have been working on.

 I am currently working on another 
Guernsey Wrap

 This yarn is tan, very soft...and will go with everything.

 I am using the yarn jar I purchased in Lancaster, 
it sure does keep your yarn from rolling around on the floor,
it can have a mind of it's own you know.
Well...if you knit you already know that!!

I also finished this hat, it needs to be blocked as the edge is curling.
Blocking it will enhance the shape and keep the edge from curling.

I also have to add the design after I block it.
I reversed the colors, so the design will be light gray,
on the darker gray hat.

I am still searching for a hat that looks good on me.
This is not that hat, so it will be a gift!!

Sharing with 
Stephanie at the Enchanting Rose
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  1. Winter here - just waited outside for my daughter to come out of ballet - please send that hat for next week!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  2. Hi Debbie, just hopped over from Gails blog. Love that purple flower photo in your header, so striking.

    You've been doing well with your knitting, my dear mum loved knitting ... alas I didn't follow in her footsteps, perhaps I should give it another try?

    All the best Jan

  3. Hello Debbie, I love the wrap and the hat is really cute! You are doing great with your knitting. Enjoy your Day!

  4. Good morning, Debbie! You know I always love seeing what you knit and once again you have wowed me with your pretty items. The hat is super cute! Sorry to hear it's not the style for you. And the wrap is stunning.

    Thanks for sharing your loveliness with Roses of Inspiration. Enjoy your day!

  5. You do have the golden touch, in everything that you do! My mother knitted anytime of the year, (when her knitting muse arrived was all) and I follow her path as well. That's why we still have delicious roasts in the summer time as well as the cold frozen tundra months! But most folks here in Minnesota think I'm really odd for doing it! Guess what's cooking back home in my crock pot right now?

  6. Your work is gorgeous! Even though I can no longer do all my needle crafts, I still enjoy seeing other people's products. My hair stylist makes the most unusual, but beautiful, items, and she always shows me what she's working on.
    I think it's hard to find hats that work with short hair. So, I understand your difficulty in finding one.

  7. Lovely--simply lovely. NO hat looks good on me, LOL

  8. How nice!! I have felt the same thing about hooking rugs this year. I love your wraps. They look wonderful.

  9. That's gorgeous -- love the dark grey color. :)

  10. Oh my gosh you are so good at this knitting thing now. You are like a real professional knitter now. I am so proud of you. Great job and so beautiful. Hug B

  11. Gorgeous wrap, just perfect. I look awful in knitted hats :-(

  12. Beautiful work, Debbie. I like them!!
    Thank you for your wishes, the hand is well;)

  13. I'm impressed that your stitches are so even!

  14. Such rich texture!!! You are good at it!

  15. You do such a beautiful job with your knitting, that is just Gorgeous. I know what you mean I have a hard time liking certain hats on myself too, I am sure someone is going to be thrilled that you decided to gift it :)

  16. The pattern in the scarf is so pretty. I've never heard of a yarn jar. My daughter is knitting this summer, also. Will share this with her.

  17. Your knitting is lovely work - I haven't knitted for a long time but I'm thinking of trying a cowl soon.


  18. The Scarf and hat are really awesome. You are doing such a good job with your knitting. I need to slow down and get back to some of these kinds of projects. I think the hat would look great on you and I loved the outside design. I really liked the idea of the yarn jar; because the yarn does like to roll around.
    Thanks for sharing your handiwork; just lovely! Hugs~

  19. Oh I always think it is a good time to enjoy a little knitting, no matter what season of the year. Your wrap is lovely. I love the different patterns and the shade of wool. The hat is cool as well.