Monday, August 17, 2015

Perking Up The Kitchen

My kitchen needed a little "pick me up"!!
Nothing too much but just a small kick in the pants,
and a little cleaning up.

As you know, when you start a small project,
it often snowballs into a huge project.
We ended up having a blizzard in my kitchen,
and as you know, when I say "we", yes, the hubs got involved.

Here's the kitchen "before"...

 It's not too shabby, the house is 30 plus years old,
the appliances have been replaced
and are fairly new...

and these are the original cabinets and they are in great shape.
It might be nice to have granite on the countertop,
but even the counters are in good shape 
and I like this color with the dark cabinets.

I love the table and chairs but the chairs are so uncomfortable,
the seats are low for the table, they have no support,
and the fabric is white and stained, 
and even though I like them, they had to go.

Also inside the cabinets was messy and the contact paper was blue.
I'm not sure what I was thinking when I picked blue,
perhaps blue was the only one that had enough matching rolls,
to do the entire kitchen.

 Here it is after...

 It doesn't look much different but it's all straightened up and 
it's sparkly clean.

 Inside the cabinets, I took everything out,
washed everything and put down all new contact paper.
I did a little purging, purchased the add a shelf pieces,
and everything fits perfectly.
That was "not" on the original "to do" list!

 There are eight drawers...

 all done and looking good.

Twenty one cabinets, here you can see the new contact paper,
it looks a little like granite, it's neutral and I really like it.

 Here is a peek at the inside of the baking cabinet.

 And here is the big change, I got new chairs.

I ordered them online from Grandinroad.
Sight unseen, I was so nervous about the color.

But they came 2 days later and I love them.
What I love most is the flow of color from the kitchen into the family room.
With shades of green in the family room,
I really like how the two rooms go together!!

And that everything's not so matchy, matchy!!
oooooh and the chairs are so comfy and can be wiped
with a damp cloth.
Did I mention that I love them??

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  1. Hello Debbie, cleaning out our cabinets is on our to do list. And now you just had to remind me, lol! I like the add a shelf thingys and your new contact paper is pretty. And your new chairs are beautiful, the color looks great! Well done, what's next! Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!

  2. WOW, everything looks so clean and organized!!! To keep it that way, you need to eat out often!!! Love your new chairs, they totally change the look!!!

  3. I really like the idea of chairs that can be wiped down. I love the feeling just after I've cleaned out my cupboards! Yours look GREAT!

  4. all you need is my three pups running through there...

  5. Love that baking cabinet! Nothing like a good re-arranging and cleaning to make you feel great.

  6. Hmmm....I'm just a renter....but the cupboards in our place could use with a good clean/purge/contact paper makeover....once the weather turns, I think this will be on the top of my project list!

  7. I couldn't see much difference in the Before and After of the kitchen--it looked really clean to me in the Before. Then--you opened your cupboards and cabinets! I love organization. Then the new chairs. WOW--it all looks so beautiful.

  8. Ooooh, I love, love, love your new chairs! They made quite the difference and the pop of color looks amazing :) Your kitcen looks wonderful, my friend, and you have inspired me to give my kitchen a good clean :) Happy Monday!

  9. LOVE the chairs; they look so comfortable and the color is perfect!!!!!!

    You are so blessed to have a lot of cabinets, Debbie. Your kitchen is awesome.

    Y'all done good!

  10. Love the new chairs. Would have loved to have had the old ones to recover and paint...what a fun project. The kitchen is bright and cheerful.

    One kitchen I had with the router lines in the doors, I painted the router lines to just add a spark of color. Turned out very well.

  11. Be-YOU-tee-ful! Being extremely short waisted, regular chairs often leave me sitting with the table top about chin height. These look like they would raise you up more. And the color is delish. (Funny: the auto-correct keeps wanting to change "delish" to "relish." Which is green. Which is the color of your chairs. But of course you know that...)
    :) m & jb who does not like relish at all but likes to eat grass which is also green...

  12. Glad you kitchen is sparkling clean now and I love your new chairs.They do look very comfortable

  13. It looks great Debbie, and your new chairs very comfortable.
    I do like your choice of contact paper it works well.

    I always think after a good sort out it's so lovely to sit down with a refreshing cuppa ...

    Have a good week.

    All the best Jan

  14. It looks great Debbie, and your new chairs very comfortable.
    I do like your choice of contact paper it works well.

    I always think after a good sort out it's so lovely to sit down with a refreshing cuppa ...

    Have a good week.

    All the best Jan

  15. Love the new colors. It's so neat and fresh! Perfect choice.

  16. Hi Debbie. I really like what you did with your cleaning/re-decorating. Love the green chairs!

  17. I am in LOVE with those chairs! The color and style really brightened that area. It's also a nice bonus that they're easily wiped down. You did good!!

  18. Nicely done! Even small projects often end up being lots of work. Everything looks great, though!

  19. You can do my house next!!! It looks great!

  20. Hi Debbie! I do love those chairs! What a great update to your decor! And I am also quite impressed with your organizational skills...your cabinets look amazing inside! Come do mine?? Thanks for coming to see me too :)

  21. Before and after all beautiful! Those chairs are just gorgeous, and look so comfortable too! I especially like your eating area, those windows are just lovely for light and views! Very nice Debbie!

  22. Wow!! You are so inspiring to me. I love your new chairs and your kitchen looks wonderful.
    I do like before and afters.

  23. Comfy chairs are a basic necessity!

  24. Those chairs are so much better! Love!

  25. You did a great job there, Debbie - and made me realise that my kitchen is overdue for a good BLITZ! I've got family coming to stay next week, so I have just a few days to get all sorts of jobs done. Better banish my laptop, I think!

  26. You do know you just made me feel like I need to clean my kitchen :( I do like those stackables for the bowls that way you don't have to lift up the others when you want a different kind. Your measuring cups on the inside is such a neat idea and perfect with all your baking items. those chairs are so cool and I just love the pop of color they bring to that area, I would be so nervous buying on line without testing them out, so glad you love them!!

  27. Everything looks fantastic! That's a lot of work, but the end result is just beautiful!

  28. Now this is inspiring! We are actually working on doing the same kinds of things in our kitchen. We need dinning chairs also, so thanks for the link. It all looks marvelous and refreshed. Loved the photos and you gave me some great ideas. Thanks for this one and hugs!

  29. Debbie, it looks wonderful!
    I really love the overhead lighting.
    Makes those gorgeous cabinets really "pop!"

  30. I look forward to new kitchen chairs one day. Haven't found anything I'm really sold on yet. Yours turned out quite well, from the look of it.