Saturday, September 20, 2014

Saturday Critters ~ 42 ~

September 15th we took a drive to our favorite Marina
to watch the sunset.
It had been gorgeous the night before.
I know this because I saw everyones pictures on Facebook.
I...missed it!
The first thing I spotted as we rounded the bend was...
 this adorable domestic duck.
 My first thought was drat, I didn't bring my zoomie lens.
My second thought, drat, I don't have any food.

 Well I didn't need my zoomie lens...he was super friendly,
I could have touched him here.

 But I did "need" food!!
He was not happy when he realized I had nothing.

 He was quite expressive in his disappointment with me...

thanks for nothing!!

Sharing my encounter this pretty Domestic Duck with
for Saturday Critters.

Also sharing with Anni at I'd Rather Be Birding
as this week I remembered again!! 


  1. LOL! He does looked a bit miffed! That's funny! I do believe that is an American Pekin.

  2. i had a pet duck when I was in grade school. Gerti (Gertrude, from Journey to the Center of the Earth). That duck had more personality than most people I've ever spent time with (present company excluded, of course)

  3. he's adorable! and quite fluffy. and chuffed at you. :)

  4. He looks so soft and cuddly. He certainly let you know, though, that he didn't appreciate your forgetfulness!

  5. Too cute. He does look a little put out!!

  6. Good shots...too bad, he does look a bit disgruntled with you!

  7. Funny, Debbie! What a great series.. Now you will need to keep some bird food in the car at all times.. Great shots! Thank you for linking up to my critter party.. Enjoy your weekend!

  8. What a white beauty ! Great shots !
    Debbie, I wish you a nice weekend :)

  9. Oh,poor duck!!So cute!Ha ha,thanks for nothing!!Great shots Debbie!I really enjoyed your post!Have a lovely weekend!

  10. I love the sequence shots of this one. You captured his personality. Always love the bird ones and I will want to nab one or two of these.
    Blessings as always for you!

  11. What great photos!! Poor Ducky!!

  12. Such a cute duck, he is quite expressive. I have 2 ducks and they get quite noisy when they are hungry.

  13. Debbie.....can I borrow your duck photo? I am always looking for a good duck photo for when I redo my header...and I can never find one. Please let me know if I could use one of these---they are FABULOUS! I LOVE THEM!!!

  14. Did you forget the #1 Motto...Always be prepared!
    Poor little fellow looked mighty "peaved" with you.

  15. Gotta love it!!! Your thoughts would've been mine also. And its thoughts of you not being a food vendor is exactly what it was least you and I agree.


    Thanks for linking at I'd Rather B Birdin' I really enjoyed this post.