Monday, September 8, 2014

Duke University...

While we were in North Carolina visiting Michael and Alisa,
we took a drive to Duke University. 
I had no idea how beautiful the campus was,
how impressive the buildings were... 
 or that it called this amazing Chapel home.

 The hubs and I with Duke Chapel in the background.

 Duke is a private, research University,

 in Durham, North Carolina.

 The campus has been nick named The Gothic Wonderland
because of the Neo-Gothic Architecture.

 The buildings are massive and beautiful.

 Here we are with Mike,

and one more image of another building on the West Campus.
Tomorrow, I will show you inside the Chapel, it will take your breath away!!


  1. You are right. It beautiful and you did a great job of photographing it.

  2. Oh, man! What a gorgeous campus! That chapel is something else. It reminds me of the chapel at Princeton University. Have you been there? The first time I walked inside, a woman's voice was filling the entire space with the strains of Ave Maria. (She was practicing for a wedding that was to occur later that day.) The experience was otherworldly.
    And, I must agree with Andy, you did a great photo job there at Duke. Can't wait till tomorrow to see the Sorry, my nursing background pops up from time to time.
    Happy day, friend!

  3. Oh what incredible shots of an incredible place. The architecture is amazing. LOVE the cute young couple. HUGS B

  4. It is a great looking place, and not only love the look of this incredible building but that is a wonderful multiple-colored wall in your last shot.

  5. The architecture is truly lovely, Debbie!

  6. college campuses are a great place to tromp around. Gotten lots of good shots right here in Tampa at USF. Last year when I was in El Paso I visited UTEP (my alma mater)...couldn't believe how much it had changed.

    I'm rambling...Happy Monday to you.

  7. Duke Chapel is beautiful and quite impressive!

  8. really nice! very impressive stone and brickwork!

  9. Gorgeous architecture! Can't wait to see the inside!

  10. Great pictures! My oldest brother attended Duke for one year and we visited the chapel. But it was long ago -- I was a child.

  11. Oh Debby, beautiful gothic architecture.
    I am enchanted by her.
    Great pictures.
    Waiting for tomorrow's pictures of the inside of the chapel.
    Greetings from Polish.

  12. Wow!! I don't think I have ever seen that place before. I have heard of it but my goodness what a beautiful place. I can't wait to see inside.

  13. What a lovely place Debbie!!I like the architecture of the buildings!Great pictures!Waiting for tomorrow to see inside!

  14. It looks like Europe! Beautiful buildings!

  15. It really is a beautiful campus.
    So glad you got to visit, and enjoyed it.
    That architecture is truly amazing.

  16. Those buildings are very impressive! Beautiful grounds!

  17. Oh, how beautiful! I had no idea. :)

  18. Fascinating pictures. Those buildings have so much detail.

  19. Quite the campus, I say.
    Very impressive.

    No wonder John Wayne went to study there. Just kid din'!

    Peace :)

  20. I had no idea, either! And I'm so, so glad that you blogged these pictures and are going to post the inside of the chapel, because when someone says "Duke", my mind has gone to the horrific lacrosse scandal and the world of the entitled athlete v. the struggling, emotionally wounded poor ... thank you, thank you! for giving me a new perspective!!!

  21. Stones full of history, that tower is beautiful
    a kiss.

  22. What a great campus and yes the architecture there is awesome.

  23. Wow, I had no idea that Duke University had these beautiful buildings. The architecture is just amazing. I must have my son look at these. As a architect he will appreciate them.
    Blessings for the lovely pictures today.