Sunday, September 14, 2014

Treasures from the South!!

I had lots of fun in North Carolina...
I sometimes always need to bring home a few treasures with me,
reminders from the trip and the good time the hubs and I had.
Because we "flew" I had to be mindful of the size of my treasures.

 So "flat" was the name of the game...but that was no problem for me.
I picked up lots of cute cards, tags, twinery and magnets.
Front right are the adorable magnets,
I like to slide them in to Greeting Cards.
I also collected a lot of business cards, from all my favorite shops.

 I picked up these two small pieces of pottery,
made in North Carolina by local artists.
I "needed" the one in the front for holding my business cards.
The little jar, will keep all my yarn scraps safe till Spring,
when I will put them outside for the birds nest building projects.
And do you see those earrings...I am not a jewelry person
but it was love at first sight, they are purple and I had to have them.

 Close up details...

 I loved these two cards...

I am going to frame them and hang them on the wall.
I am making a memory jar for all my souvenirs, momentos,
shells and sea glass that I have collected over the entire summer.
I bought the perfect jar to house all my memories.
It's so pretty and the perfect size.
I'll share pictures of that tomorrow!!


  1. you are a collector of memories, for sure. :) and i like your purty purply earrings. :)

  2. Looks like a nice haul! Greeting cards are my favorite thing to collect (and of course, my collection is always changing as I send them)! My sister knows to grasp my hand tightly whenever we're together and I walk past the cards section at a store because that's one place I can easily get lost. Love your business cards; great idea for bloggers! I might get some myself sometime, so I don't have to write my blog address down every time I want to give it to someone.

  3. I also love the cards and the earrings. Good choices.

  4. Usually when I go to the Outer Banks, my luggage is packed with all sorts of sea shells tucked in and wrapped with my sox, p.j.'s, tops. I cannot wait to see your memory jar tomorrow!!!

  5. Your collection of memories from your trip are so adorable and deserve to be framed!

  6. Debbie, what a lovely way to remember your NC trip! The earrings are pretty and I love the pottery.. The cards are lovely too. Great ideas! Happy Sunday!

  7. debbie,Your souvenirs from the trip are very beautiful.
    They recall fond memories.
    Greetings from Polish.

  8. You got some great mementos! I like NC. We've vacationed in the Boone/Blowing Rock area a couple of times. I lived in Charlotte for a while.

  9. I think you frequent the same type of stores that I do! Love all your 'finds!' Glad you had such a great time!

  10. So many pretty things! I love the to/from honey bee tags. And the earrings are really pretty!

  11. Oh, girl, you really picked up some treasures! I love the earrings; my daughter would really love them as her favorite color is purple also.

    I picked up a hand crafted toy box back when Britt was a baby. It lasted for many years!


  12. Love your earrings Debbie!1The cards and the pottery are so preety!Waiting to see your memory jar tomorrow!!

  13. How wonderful, some lovely treasures you brought home. The always evoke wonderful memories for years and years. Super photos Debbie, loved those earrings too :)

  14. I love all your treasures. I love your business card and the purple earrings. All the cards are awesome; I collect them too. I will look forward to tomorrow's post too. I am so happy you had such a great time and that you shared your precious moments with us all.
    Blessings to you dear friend~

  15. Wow, you really did find some wonderful treasure, Debbie, and I just ADORE those earrings!!!

  16. Lots of neat stuff to remind you of the fun times!!!

  17. OOOOOh, I love those earrings! I am a hopeless jewelry person, and I love "funky" kind of jewelry like those earrings. Good choice!

    I love your business cards too. I have got to get some made for my editing business.

  18. The cards are really cute! I love the earrings too. Wonderful mementos, Debbie!

  19. Lovely keepsakes! Those earrings are so YOU! :-) Glad you are enjoying knitting so much. I bet you'll be heading to the yarn shop in every town you visit from now on! :-) I have re-discovered crocheting. Loving it! Doing a lot of embroidery and crochet now as well as quilting. Have an awesome week!

  20. Good idea Debbie.
    I collect boxes of ceramics from the sites we visited. Them bring back good memories.

  21. Very charming selection of stuff. The note cards were so sweet and I really liked the business card holder.