Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Magic Wings...

Butterfly House
In The Museum of Life & Science in Durham, NC

There are over 100 species of butterflies in the
  Magic Wings Butterfly House, all world travelers.
They hatched as caterpillars in tropical rain forests in the Philippines,
Malaysia, Africa, South America and Central America.
They ate, grew and transformed into chrysalises.
They were then collected by butterfly farmers, carefully packed,
 and shipped to Durham.

As you enter, looking up...

The Owl Butterfly from Central & South America

The Postman also from Central & South America

 The Owl Butterfly

The Postman

Blue Morpho from Central & South America

This butterfly is a beautiful dark blue.
 Michael spent so much time helping me get this picture. 

This was the biggest butterfly house I have ever visited.
Most of the butterflies were extremely active and difficult to photograph.
We went with Mike and Alisa on August 30, 2014
and we had an awesome time.
It was a little hot, but a lot of fun!!


  1. Sooooo Gorgeous .
    Love the deep cobalt blue one on your arm.

  2. I went to a butterfly house once, and it was so wonderful!!! Seeing so many different species, and what they all ate!!

  3. Absolutely gorgeous specimens!! So glad you were able to see them and get some photos! Is Mike your son? Glad you had a good time!

  4. So pretty- the last one is gorgeous..what is the name? I'd love to visit a butterfly house, but we don't have any around here.

  5. The Blue Morpho is always my favorite. My favorite color.

  6. They have to be one of God's most precious creatures.

  7. Wow, Debbie, they are gorgeous, especially the last one. What a beautiful color.

  8. Beautiful pictures!! Chase loved the last picture the best and also the one of you and the blue butterfly.

  9. Love the one that was smart enough to choose you to land on!!! He's a real looker. What a wonderful place, thanks for sharing.

  10. Oh wow! What a lovely place to visit!

  11. That looks cool. I have not been to a butterfly house. Must have been stunning.

  12. So very beautiful, each and every one. I've never seen the owl before; wow!

    Glad you had a wonderful time, Debbie.


  13. So beautiful!! I love the Owl - very intricate. Sorry I've been such a lousy bloggy bud - it has ca-ra-zzzy around here. I promise I'll go back and catch up!

  14. Debbie, what a neat butterfly house. Gorgeous butterflies and lovely photos.. They are hard to capture, you did great!

  15. How wonderful. They are beautiful debbie. I love butterflies !!!!
    Congratulations to Mike;))

  16. Beautiful butterflies! The Owl butterfly is wickedly cool! I can see where they'd be difficult to photograph.

  17. Oh you know I am official (envious) of you because you visit the most awesome places. These butterflies are stunning. I so enjoyed all your wonderful photos of them.

  18. Those butterflies are sooo gorgeous! Lovely photo of you!

  19. Hello Dear Debbie, it was so beautiful to share your visit to the Butterfly House.
    How magical to have one land on you like that... it's a particularly lovely photo. Hugs xx :D)

  20. What a lovely place that must be! I love the markings on the owl butterfly.

  21. What a incredible place. I think you got lovely photos.

  22. Fantastic Debbie, these are beautiful butterflies.

  23. What a lovely place to visit Debbie!So interesting!!Such beautiful and colorful butterflies!!Gorgeous pictures!!

  24. I love this - would love to go there!!! Just one thing - aren't you supposed to wear a top w/ a butterfly on it when you go ;)