Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Yellow Chair

The shops in North Carolina were so very special.
I had a favorite...

 Can you handle how amazing and adorable this stove/oven is?
The top has been redone...
this would be perfect in any kitchen.
I am still having dreams about it, featuring my red tea pot.
oh yes, it is a beautiful piece and the oven can be used for storage.

 Reclaimed * Repurposed * Recycled
 The ever changing showroom, is a work of art.
Everything you see has been restored and is for sale.

 The artist/owner, Amy Caylor, runs the shop with husband Chris.
It is her creative eye that designs the shop,
and finds all these unique pieces.
We met Chris, a great guy and very supportive partner.

 Wherever your eye leads you...

 you are always in for a treat.

 Alisa and Mike purchased those 3 vintage wheels,
to hang in the entry way of there place.

 I loved this...


 and this.

 This bench was Alisa's favorite.

 The pretty showroom, displays all the repurposed items beautifully.

 This Vintage Card Catalog was also a favorite.

Located in the Historic Carr Mill Mall...
if you are ever in the Carrboro area in North Carolina,
you must stop at this shop.


  1. I would sure love poking around this shop! So many wonderful things to look at!

  2. I like the bench with the pillows too. Looks like a store I would enjoy browsing in. Have a great day, Debbie!

  3. I would love to have those windows in my office


  4. When I imgine the craft studio I would design for know if that pesky old thing called money was no object... I would absolutely have a vintage card catalogue!! I've always wanted one of those. And that desk with those cubby hole shelves would be a must. This place is amazing!!

  5. What a fabulous little store! Absolutely adore the card catalog - would make an excellent piece for organizing craft materials!!!

  6. it really is a very neat place! lots of creativity and neat stuff.

  7. Looks like a very neat place to visit! Would love to stop by there!

  8. What a unique place! I love the card catalog and the shelves! I'd be going crazy in that store!

  9. Re-purposing for re-use is a great way to go as you have shown in this post. Sadly, too many things quickly become disposable because folks fail to see this. The Yellow Chair looks like a place we would definitely enjoy seeing.

  10. What a beautiful place Debbie!!With so lovely things!I really like the bench with the pillows!!So cool!!

  11. There are some pieces here I really like, like the card catalog, the bench and the little red wagon. Generally I don't go for "re-purposed" though. I remember learning that people were turning old books into "art" and I was mortified. It totally destroyed the value of the old book! When someone I know (I won't say who) suggested I PAINT my grandmother's sheraton style diningroom chairs, each a different color, again I was mortified. I am pretty much a purist. :-) Old things are beautiful just as they are. If they are covered in rust, I say get the rust-remover out, but don't destroy the piece by turning it into something is wasn't meant to be. Just my personal taste. :-) Everyone has their own style and taste though.

  12. I am delighted.
    Very artfully decorated.
    Greetings from Polish.

  13. Very eclectic mix of stuff there. I liked the Candlestick holder. So did you purchase anything? - The stove was cool looking and I must say I feel OLD knowing that a card catalog is now considered an antique.

  14. My kinda place. I love re-purposing and the ingenuity of some folks!!!

  15. That stove is adorable! What a neat place. I can see why that's your favorite store.

  16. Hi Debbie!
    I remember trolling the card catalogs in school and even in college. I'm thinking this makes me "vintage" too! I also liked the little wagon and I really likes that desk against the wall to the right of your stove. Notice I say "your" stove. I hear it calling you right this second! (MD is closer to NC, you see.) LOL!

  17. Looks like a place with too many temptations! Lots to dream about in that shop!

  18. What a great store! They've got some very cool pieces!

  19. What a nice trip. I really like all of the great things that you saw.

  20. I would probably go broke in this store!!! My kind of place for sure.

  21. What a great place, Debbie, and I seriously love that stove too!

  22. I could wander around in that shop forever. I NEED that stove, it's amazing. I love the bench too!!!

  23. What a cool place! It looks like a neat loft apartment full of fun things. I like so many of these things. That card catalog brings back a lot of good memories!

  24. Oh, I love it all! And, you mentioned your red kettle; that's exactly what I need in my kitchen. Have been looking on line since I can't find in the stores.

    You guys go to the neatest places. Where are we going next? :)

  25. I have ancestors from North Carolina and probably some lost cousins that live there. I would love to visit there sometime. I loved this shop too. I know that I would be enjoying it all. I love the wheels on the wall and the bicycle. I really love the cute stove. I enjoy antique shops a lot.
    I loved the little wagon. In fact, I would love to have it on a high shelf in my living room.
    I have missed blogging and especially yours.
    Blessings for this fun one!