Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Monday ~ Funday

For my entire adult life, I have always referred to Sunday as "fun day"!
Sunday ~ Fun Day, I just like the way that sounds!
Since this past weekend was a holiday, Monday was a "fun day" also!
Truth be told,
every single day around here is a "fun day", lucky me!
The hubs and I were up and out early,
so we could be sure and enjoy every second of the day.
We loaded up the bikes and headed for our favorite bike path at
We had a great ride and took some fun pictures at our favorite tree.
This is such an amazing tree and we always take pictures here.
At the halfway point, just inside the park, we had a super "healthy" lunch,
walked for a little bit, then finished our ride.
A leisurely car ride, a stop at the local airport
and an afternoon nap helped round out the day.
We rented and watched the movie Parker,
it was better then t.v. but not really my kind of movie.
The popcorn was much better!!
Do you call Sunday, fun day??
Did you have special plans for the holiday weekend??
I really enjoyed my weekend,
we had just the right blend of sun, fun and relaxation!!


  1. You two are the best at getting out and enjoying your day excursions - I love it...and find it inspiring! We were supposed to camp this weekend, but the weather up here was super nasty (cold and very rainy) most of the weekend - so we just had a lay low time. I loved your post yesterday - knowing "your" boardwalk is back and the shore is opening is wonderful. Continued prayers for all the homeowners and others who are still fighting their way back. I paddle boated one time on the canals in Amsterdam - it was super fun...and we went out too far in the main bay (sea??) it was a long paddle boat excursion!

  2. You guys always seem to have fun whatever you are doing. Your day sounds great - no wonder you needed a nap at the end of it all. :))

  3. I used to call Sunday Fun Day. But now I work on Sundays so that is crappy. I watched that movie too this weekend. I didn't have popcorn, but I did knit. I think the knitting was better. But it wasn't a terrible movie. I think Freddy enjoyed it more than me.

  4. you needed all those fats and carbs to fuel your bike riding. :)

  5. Hey fun couple. You dont want to know what my weekend was. Too bad you were not around or I should of called you to bike over to Canada. Come to my place and help capture our buzzing crittters of visitors
    that hatched into my plant for a couple of months little mosiquotes. Todays blog I am dancing for sureOh it is toohot to go out.

  6. I've often thought everyday is fun day at your place and I admire you for it!

  7. Debbie, sounds like you and the hubs had a great fun day. I love the shots at the cool tree. I hope the rest of your week is fun too.

  8. Belas fotografias...Espectacular....

  9. That definitely sounds like a fun day - and lucky you that every day is a fun day! It's great you two have such a good time.

  10. I like your tree. Well, sometimes I do something nice on Sunday if I don't work.

    It's a real fun day that you have ;)

  11. What a great time you had, Sunday is a fun day for us too. Actually, lately every day has been a fun day because hubby has been working at home a lot, and even when he has gone into the office he has been home early. His work load is winding down towards retirement and we've been enjoying the extra hours together.

    Denise xox
    An English Girl Rambles

  12. i love that you call it "fun day" ... that is too great. i think i will start saying that too. you guys have such fun. ( :
    when i see the hot dogs i want to sing out "take me to the ballgame". ha. ha!!

  13. It sounds so nice to go do things like that. I fed my kids and grandkids and had a graduation party for my youngest son. So you could say it was a fun day.
    Monday, I worked. :)
    I am glad you go do fun things. It reminds me to think about it. :)

  14. I have mentioned before how much I like the pictures of you and your husband. You always look as if you are having such a good time.

  15. Hi Debbie...Great balancing act there in the tree ; )
    You two make the cutest photos!!
    Loved seeing and hearing about your Funday!!

  16. I love how you and your husband do not waste time--you enjoy time! You're an inspiration to me! I cannot wait until I can get back on the bike. My husband and I enjoy bike riding together.

    That tree is great!

  17. Sounds wonderful... those hot dogs look great!!

  18. I think hot dogs taste better outside, don't you? Looks like a Fun Day to me!

  19. It looks like a Fun-day to me :)

  20. That lunch looks yummo.

    Hope you are feeling well, Deb. xo

  21. I have not heard of that movie. Sorry it stunk. Looks like a fun day though.

  22. You two do have a lot of fun. I want my husband to retire soon so we can have more fun. I loved the pictures of the two of you and especially your healthy lunch.
    On Monday we went to a movie thon. Two movies; with lunch. It was fun.