Saturday, May 25, 2013

A Sun Halo

Have you ever seen one?
On May 14th of this year there was a beautiful Sun Halo over New Jersey.
A "Halo" is any of a variety of bright circles or arcs centered
around the sun or moon.
It’s caused by the refraction or reflection of light by ice crystals
suspended in the earth’s atmosphere.  
Its colors range from red inside to blue outside.
I was surprised to see it so well and to be able to photograph it
right from my driveway.

I have yet to finish my "big photo project"!
After running out of ink, I ran out of the "good" photo paper.
Today, I broke a piece of 12 x 10 glass, what an odd size, right?

I'm having fun...I think!! 


  1. very cool to see it and be able to photograph it, too! i've seen one completely around the moon, but not sure i've seen a sun one.

    and i get perturbed when i run out of ink or photo paper when i get on a roll of printing photos for albums. grrr... :)

  2. Oh lovely take! That is incrediable shot.

    I ran out last week also. Ink, photo paper and plain paper.

    Hubby went to city with his neighbor and picked me up a

    bargin. Costco Photo paper Gloss Brillant 150 sheets . A steal. For 19 dollars.

    In town I paid like 12 dollars for 25 sheets.
    . Rip off. I had no choice. I needed it.

    I only wish the ink was cheap.

    We bought the kind that the dealers add the ink many times. Rip off. .

    Never again. Three times I tried. No such luck.

    Even did my own filling. Mess.

    So I guess to get clear prints. Have to pay the big dollars.

    Oh sorry I am going on and on on your post.

  3. Hi Debbie...That is a superfine shot girl!! It is not that easy to quite a decent shot..excellent!
    I see then when the weather changes and that it has !! It has been raining since Tuesday and dropped from 60 degree to 40 today yuck!!
    Keep plugging away at your photo long as it is fun that good!!

  4. Oh, that's a cool shot. Never seen one around the sun, but many around the moon!

  5. I've seen one, but have never photographed one. This is really cool! You're gonna have to give up the goods on this keep teasing us!

  6. AWESOME, Debbie! (It looks like an eye)

  7. Debbie the science teacher. I have seen halos around the moon and wondered what caused it.
    Debbie the tease. This project has me intrigued.

  8. You got a great shot of the halo. Thanks for let me know about it so I could get some pictures too. Your are the best. I never posted my pics. I forgot.

  9. Awesome capture of the su halo, Debbie. I am anxious to see this project, what;s up! Come on and show us. Have a happy weekend!

  10. Debbie, if I have seen a sun halo, I didn't know it as such so thanks for showing your great capture. Hope you enjoy a nice holiday weekend in NJ. We will be back in our native state later this week, but sadly for a friend's services.

  11. I saw one of these last year...and was driving. Tried to get an iphone shot out of the window (I know, I know...) But it didn't turn out - kinda got half of it. This is amazing!!

  12. I haven't seen a sun halo before, but have seen them around the moon.

    We all waiting to see what this photo project is all about! Have a great weekend!

  13. I have never seen a sun halo before. Great shot.

  14. That is so cool! Fantastic capture, Debbie!

  15. I don't think I've ever seen a sun halo. Spectacular!

  16. Did it rain the next day? I have always thought the sun halo predicted rain, or maybe that's a moon halo. Oh well. Neat photo!

  17. Wow, that is an amazing pictures.
    Love this one!
    Blessings to you~

  18. Lucky you that have seen this halo. I have never seen any fantastic like this but I have seen it when it looks like a pillar right up in the sky.

    Very nice:)