Sunday, May 26, 2013

BIG Picture Project Reveal

Drum Roll...Drum Roll Please!!
Here it is, A Hanging on the Wall Photo Collage,
I am so happy with the results!
Close up of the left side, birds and butterflies.
Close up of the right side, flowers and pictures of the hubs and I.
Two frames, each frame has nine frames within it,
all attached to each other.
These were $ 80.00 each at Pier One Imports.
On sale for 20% off, that brought them down to $ 64.00 each.
If you spent over $ 100.00, (score, we did),
the girl offered me a $ 10.00 off coupon.
So, the total price of the project $ 118.00,
not including photo paper, ink, and the one piece of glass I broke.
That cost me $ 14.00 at Michael's. 
$ 118.00 for 18 frames equates to $ 6.50 per frame, not bad.
Some of my favorite pictures, out of the computer and up on the wall,
I am super stoked!!


  1. it looks great! glad you were able to replace the odd-sized glass piece. lots of great color and happiness depicted here!

  2. Wow, I can see that this is some of your favorite picture. You got a special good looking wall :)

  3. Beautiful! I like those frames with multiple openings.

  4. Ah it's looking great Debbie, some wonderful pics you have there. Money well spent I would say

  5. Looks wonderful Deb -- lots of great memories associated with those images. They should be displayed so you can enjoy them every day. :)

  6. HI Debbie....I have been waiting for the big day to arrive...and "hoot-hoot" it is here!! ; )
    It is superfine girl you did a great job!!
    I love the idea that they are all put together,the frames that is!!
    Awesome additions to your wall of the thing that are special to you!!
    So whats next on your list ; )

  7. I'm impressed. What a great idea having the frames stuck together. That takes a lot of the angst out of trying to hang a grouping. Beautiful! Love the pic of you on the pumpkin.

  8. You did a GREAT job! And your magical photos deserve a place in the sun! Love the choice of the white frames - it just all looks amazing!

  9. Wow Debbie, very nice! I loved all the photos of the birds, butterflies and the ones of you and yours hubs! You did great!

  10. Great job with the pictures! I heard on the radio that the Jersey shore is open for the season ans that most of the repairs have been done. That is wonderful news...if it is true. I thought of you immediately when I heard that! Oh, the goats are adorable...and I love the country, too!

  11. I love it! You did a great job of grouping the photos, and I love how the frames are attached to each other. That is surely a wall of happiness. :-)

  12. Stunning, Debbie! Beautifully done, love how you used the different size frames and put it all together!

  13. That looks great! I sooo need to do this in our house. Inspiring!

  14. Wonderful job, Debbie, it looks fantastic! They are all great photos, I love the butterfly and the one of you two with the pumpkin.

  15. That's awesome! Fantastic job, Debbie! I've never seen frames attached like that. So very nice! You have every right to be proud of that project!

  16. Hello Dear Debbie!
    I am delighted with your large collection photoshoot.
    This is the most beautiful souvenir of passion shooting ..
    I send greetings from distant cold, rainy Polish.

  17. What a neat idea - you have such beautiful photos!

  18. Great job... It looks beautiful!
    I bet it was difficult deciding which pictures to use.

  19. Oh Debbie I love it so much!!! It is awesome! I love seeing your beautiful pictures up on the wall. You did an awesome job! love it, love it, love it!!!!

  20. Wow! Awesome project with some awesome results! Not bad on the cost either! The photos look great!

  21. Way to go, girl! Fantastic job!

  22. This looks Fab-u-Lous!! I love the way your project turned out!

  23. VERY cool!! I love those frames too.

  24. Wow, that is awesome. I am going to think about doing something like this. Of course, I won't have your awesome pictures of butterflies, birds, flowers and etc.