Thursday, May 23, 2013

I'm A Little Bit Country...

hehe, no I'm not...but I want to be.
Does that count, what we dream, what we desire?
On April 13, 2013, during our Scenic Drive In the Country,
 we passed this beautiful farm on our way to Daffodil Days.

We never saw any daffodils,
I am not confident we ever "found" Daffodil Days.
But, on this day, it was all about the wonderful country drive!

This week, I have been working on a super fun picture project,
for the house.
I hope to be done tomorrow.
Be sure and stop by, I am so excited for everyone to see it!!


  1. What a "perfect" beautiful red barn! This is a great example of it being about the journey and not the destination. I'll be back tomorrow for sure!!

  2. Welcome Debbie!
    I've never seen such a variety of sheep.
    Cute look.
    Your photos are very beautiful.

  3. Nice goats! Hubbers and I often discuss packing it all in and becoming goat farmers. But, neither of are the least bit country other than in our dreams!

  4. I remember Country drives!

    now when we go to the store IT IS a country drive LOL

    love those goats...right where they are at.. if I had a nickel for how many people think I should get a goat as a companion animal for ebony...

  5. I just stopped by when I saw the title of your blog. I was on Run A Round Ranch.
    I just purple it is my most favorite color of all
    I love looking at photos of others and your are beautiful.
    Love the goats. My niece has several but she calls hers escape goats.LOL

  6. Lovely little farm. When you said that you were a little bit country, I thought "ya, right!" So funny!

  7. I want my farm to have beauties like that grazing. Someday.

  8. The goats are so cute, Debbie! I just love farm animals. Have a great weekend!

  9. Oh I do love goats. I grew up living in the country and have fond memories. Have a really good weekend. Bonnie

  10. I love the goats. I love all the fun things you found when you were looking for daffodils.

  11. Beautiful country setting, Debbie! The goats are just adorable!
    It's never wrong to dream and dream big, maybe one of these days our dreams come true:)
    Have a great weekend!

  12. Awesome country photos!!! Can't wait for tomorrow's surprise!

  13. I'm a little bit rock and roll - well, not really - although I do like both country and rock. This farm is great, and I'm happy you enjoyed your ride even if you never found the daffodils. I'm pretty excited to see your project - oh, the suspense!

  14. That is such the quintessential red barn! And I love the goats. Looks like you had some real finds on that country drive even without the daffodils!

    I'll look forward to seeing your project!:-)

  15. Love the red barn and the mostly white goats! Goats are funny. Some friends of ours used to have pygmy goats and they would jump on the hood of cars if left unattended.

  16. Gorgeous pictures. (If you're like me, you probably enjoyed that more than you would the Daffodils!)
    I just love goats, although I know they don't have the best reputation.

  17. Lovely shots of goats. I can't wait to see it. My Dad used to have those kinds of goats.

  18. There were daffodils, but they were beautiful goat, that I really like. Yours sincerely.

  19. I'd rather see a herd of cute goats than daffodils anyday! :)