Monday, May 13, 2013

For the Birds

Have you ever used that expression?
When something you do, doesn't work out.
When a new product you purchase fails to live up to all it's acclaim.
You say "oh, this is for the birds".
Well this item pays tribute to "it's for the birds" in two ways.
Let me show you what I mean...
It's a "craft" project, here's what you will need,
Bird Seed, Peanut Butter and Toilet Paper Rolls,
they should be empty...he he.
Spread out your birdseed,
"Ice" your toilet paper roll with peanut butter,
roll that baby in the birdseed,
and this is what you have, for your birds!!
Outside they went, on to the branches of my favorite tree.
I couldn't wait for my beautiful birds to find
and enjoy them.
Have you guessed what's coming next...
yep, my very favorite tree rat in action.
Took him about ten minutes to find it and
he ate the whole damn thing, including the cardboard!
So this project is "really, for the birds"
or should I say "for the squirrels"?


  1. as soon as i guessed what you were doing, i thought "that wouldn't last two seconds in my back yard...and no bird would ever see it!" Haha! Guess you'll have to stick to your peanuts!

  2. why, i seriously hate squirrels. they are nuts. silly creatures.

    but you have to give them - that they are pretty smart. ha. ha!! too funny! ( :

  3. oh, that had me laughing out loud! glad to see those varmints are universally rotten!

  4. LOL! When Debbie swears, there must be something wrong! I am laughing, though! That was a direct invitation for the squirrels! It's a clever idea. You'll have to see if you can squirrel proof it. Good luck with that! :-)

  5. Oh I am so sorry Debbie but I have to tell you I am laughing but I am so sorry. HUGS B

  6. Now you know why I grumble so much about those rats! I like your idea but those buggers would get them here too. I do the same thing using pinecones. But...the birds rarely get them. LOVE that last shot though! :)

  7. Did he even say thank you?

  8. What a neat idea, I will be trying that one soon enough. I would love to be able to get pictures like you do...well sorta like you, I don't think I have the patience.

  9. Funny, neat idea for the squirrels. They just never get tired of the freebies. Cute shot!

  10. Lol on that last picture. A wanted poster in the making!

  11. Hey, Deb! That's the funniest looking bird I've ever seen. Teehee! Sorry, I can't help but laugh. That is just the funniest. The little stinker!!

  12. LOL!! Darn that ornery squirrel!

  13. Oh, I am laughing out loud! That little squirrel face is so funny. I'm sorry your birds didn't get any, but the squirrel is happy! :-) I admit that i like squirrels, but they do need to share.

  14. Oh Debbie I knew from the very beginning what was going to happen. Yes, I have the same little thief in my yard. I do love my squirrels though. I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day. Bonnie

  15. We always made those in 3&4 yr old Sunday school and VBS...but we used pine cones. When the birds get a chance, they do love them...ha!ha!

  16. hahahaha.... what a RAT!!! cardboard too....

  17. That made me laugh ... even the cardboard?!

  18. I'm sorry, I couldn't help but laugh :)

  19. Oh, before I even got to the bottom, I wondered - do squirrels get at it? I just have so many, many squirrels...

  20. I love that idea, I'll have to try it since I don't have squirrels to worry about. That tree rat is a really bad boy!

  21. Great idea. It'll be realized.
    Sincerely yours :)