Thursday, April 5, 2012


The effect by which one accidentally stumbles upon something fortunate.

 More on that in a minute.

Yesterday, Chuck and I were walking here at Point Pleasant Beach,
searching for sea glass.

We rarely walk together as it is a bit of a contest,
who can find the most and the best colors.

I stumbled upon a fisherman,
we exchanged smiles and I asked him what he was catching??
"Nothing" he replied and we both had a good laugh!!
Then he asked me what I was searching for.

"Sea glass", I said "I have been collecting it since I was a child".

He reached into his pocket and pulled out a handful of beautiful pieces.
"Take it" he said "I want you to have it".
Of course I said no, but he insisted and slid it into my bag.

He had some beautiful pieces, some really beautiful pieces!!
I immediately thought about yesterday's encounter and Serendipity!!

We search through this...

to find this!!
My kind friend found one piece of pottery, I found the other one.
There is an interesting story attached to the pottery,
I'll save that for another day!!

The Viking II was leaving just as we were.

My faith in people was renewed today...Serendipity!!


  1. a sweet man to make your day...

  2. he was definitely a very sweet man. Great sory.
    TFS> ANA

  3. I LOVE that fisherman!! Such beautiful shots!

  4. I just might have to find me a beach to walk on this weekend!

  5. I just love serendipity. It brings the ooh-la-la's to life.

  6. What a nice man, I think that may make up for the mean man from the other day. Your pictures are wonderful by the way!!!

  7. Fantastic photographs. I am greeting

  8. Such a great story to accompany those beautiful photos!

  9. A beautiful story. Treasures found and shared by a simple fisherman. I know I will come back to this story often as we progress through Holy Week. Have a beautiful Easter. Bonnie

  10. Special people are everywhere. I really like the spray of the waves in the first two pictures.

  11. When I see your photo's of te waves I almost can hear the sound of it braking. Beautiful treasure you have found.
    Happy Eastertime Deb

  12. That man was very kind, indeed!
    The photos are glamorous.

    have an Happy Easter to you and yours…and God Bless you!

  13. I love when things like that happen. Chance encounters that touch us so deep in the core of our being.
    I can't wait for your other story. :)

  14. How nice of that man to give you some of his treasure he found. I love sea glass too. What a great addition to your collection.


  15. Hi Debbie, what a sweet man. Great finds on the sea glass. I love the first shot, just gorgeous. Have a great weekend and Happy Easter!

  16. This more than makes up for your "other encounter!" This is more like it. So kind. So sweet. I'm go happy.

  17. Aw, how sweet. I've never found sea glass... would love to! Maybe I'll have to search more fervently this summer at the beach.
    Thanks for sharing your serendipity experience!

  18. What a sweet and nice man! I love your water photos...perfect!
    Happy Easter!

  19. A good man, you met there...I pray he catches a lot of fish...I am looking forward to the story attached to the pottery...wonderful shots...makes me say that life is indeed beautiful...serendipity it is...

  20. This beach glass guy was sure a lot friendlier than crabby horse guy!

  21. That is pretty cool. I enjoyed the story. I've never been to the ocean, but I know I would love looking for sea glass. Thanks for then story.

  22. Funny how it only takes the actions of one to change a whole day isn't it?

  23. Sweet story and great photos!

  24. Oh I love these stories. Such pretty treasures. If I lived on a beach I am sure I would never be inside I would be walking and searching constantly. It is my favourite thing to do. B