Wednesday, April 4, 2012


It happened...I got caught!!
First, let us define "trespassing"!!
"To invade the property, rights, or person of another, without consent"
I'm thinking perhaps I don't trespass. 
I don't hop fences, I don't walk on occupied property.
I have been know to cross a "No Trespassing"
sign on properties that are abandon.
In my opinion, those signs are meant for the "bad" guys!!
Not a sweet, camera toting, little thing like myself,
that just wants a picture or two!
On this day, we pulled off the highway on to the shoulder,
there were some gorgeous horses just beyond the fenced property line.
I walked to the fence and began shooting.
I took 26 pictures before I heard someone shouting at me,
"This is not a petting zoo"!!
I waved and yelled back, "sorry, I was just taking pictures"!!
I walked off with my tale between my legs, feeling a little bit sad!!
Then I saw the pictures and thought, "boy was that worth it"!!
So enough of all that, I know your dying to see the pictures and
I'm dying to share them!!


I never touched the horses, although I wanted to.
I did not give them any treats, although I wanted to.

If these were my horses, I would be thrilled that people were
stopping to enjoy them!
Perhaps they should post a "No Pictures Please" sign!!

Oh and was it worth it you ask,
it was definitely worth it!!

Sharing today with Nancy at A Rural Journal

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  1. These are stunning, Debbie!

    What an old coot...raining on your parade! You got 'em though, girl.

  2. These are definately "worth it"! Just think of the lovely pictures they'd have of their horses if they'd called you over instead of chasing you off...cause I know YOU would share!

  3. These were definately worth it I think. What beautiful horses - and what a meanie of an owner. Not as if you were doing any harm. Well done you and thank you for sharing :))

  4. awww. sorry you got yelled at! maybe they've had trouble w/ folks feeding 'treats' in the past...

  5. Wow what a grouch. I am glad you took pictures. It does look like a pretty place.
    People are always stopping and taking pictures of my house. They also stop and cut my sunflowers that grow next to the road. I always smile. I always think, Oh, I have so many flowers I love sharing. :)

  6. Sorry that happened, but glad you stopped. I'm always thinking that I'm trespassing and miss many photos because of it. But, I'm getting more brave!

  7. you are so hilarious!! you make me laugh!! i could give you a big old hug. i always wonder what will happen when this happens to me??! i agree if you are only taking pictures what is the big deal. you were not harming the animals. these are great photos. i love the horses. they are just gorgeous horses, what is the big deal. too cute!! i kind of wonder if there is more to that story?? interesting indeed. (:

  8. You need a shirt made up that says "ATTENTION I am not a bad guy. I am a sweet, camera toting, little thing, that just wants a picture or two. Please don't shoo me away. PS- you can see the pictures I am taking on my blog." I think purple with white lettering would be nice :)

  9. I knew it would happen one day! hehe. Some people are just grouchy and mean. Beautiful horses!

  10. Boy did I see that one coming LOL!
    Great shots though, such beautiful horses. I'd say your right, totally worth it.

  11. Beautiful Animals. I stopped along the road to take some photos of Llamas once and as the owner approached, I thought I was in big trouble too. BUT...he invited me inside the fenceline, gave me a tour and spent 2 hours talking llamas with me!

  12. What a grump! Maybe they were afraid you would spook the horses or something...who knows. They look pretty tame to me and beautiful!

  13. Maybe their owner should tell those horses they aren't part of a petting zoo, because you can tell they're thinking, "Why isn't she petting us?"
    Too funny.

  14. Gorgeous shots!! LOL thanks for sharing :)

  15. The pictures are great. What a wacko to tell you what she did. Not a petting zoo. People are so dumb sometimes. But atleast you were able to get some really nice shots.
    TFS. Ana

  16. Beautiful pictures, the horses seemed to be quite OK with the picture taking. Good job.

  17. the horses were posing for you too!

  18. Love your pictures even though you had to trespass to get them. Too bad Mom wasn't with you that time.


  19. I have to agree...definitely it was all WORTH IT....those photos are awesome! I especially love the close photographs of the gorgeous horses...

  20. Oopsie! I've not gotten caught.....YET.
    But these are some gorgeous photos, and I agree they would have been worth getting busted!

  21. They are awesome...Thanks for sharing..

  22. Some people!! Great bunch of pics though so it was worth the scolding. Even if the owner wasn't happy to see you the horses certainly seemed happy. I'll send you a card in jail if it ever comes to that!!!

  23. So glad you got these shots before you got caught...but I am with you, don't understand why someone would not want you to enjoy their beautiful animals...

    Great shots of beautiful know they are one of my favorite subjects....

  24. LOL! You got some great pics. If you're ever close by, you're welcome to take all the pics of my horses you want ;-) Just don't take pics of the inside of my messy house for posting online ;-)

  25. If this angry person only knew your blogadress I think he would be proud of you taking this beautiful photo's of his horses.

  26. Great shots of these beauties!

  27. Great shots.....yes they were worth it!

  28. I would have swore I commented on a post of yours where someone was not happy with your photo taking...some people are just grouches. I hope I don't turn into one...