Monday, April 23, 2012

Barn Charm #33

I am starting to run low on my "hoarded" pictures for Barn Charm.

I only have a few left.
So this week, let's have some fun!!

Applegate Farm
Freehold, New Jersey

That's right friends, it's an ice cream parlor,

with it's own silo and tractor!!

We did not share a sweet treat, as they were closed.

Dear Chuck, we need to take a road trip, asap,
so I can restock my Barn Charm Pictures.
I prefer Hershey, Pa., they have awesome barns,
 great food and your favorite, chocolate.
Aren't I thoughtfull?!?!

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  1. you're too cute! make ya a deal - i'll accompany you to PA if you want to go w/ me to the wetlands center. :)

    and this place looks like it came straight from a kid's playset!

  2. Oh, yum! I agree that that's the kind of barn I'd like to come home to.

  3. What a great barn! Sorry you missed out on a treat but it gives you cause to go back. Love your letter to Chuck!

  4. An ice cream barn!!! Now that's one heack of a great idea!

  5. Love this one Debbie!
    What a great place.
    Happy Monday to you my Friend!

  6. The barn is gorgeous. In my country they are all grey colored. I like your's better because of te great color they have. Hope Chuck will drive you trough the country.
    gr. Marijke

  7. Debbie my parents are going to an alpaca show this weekend in Harrisburg, PA. It is a four day show. They are taking two of their alpacas. Field trip!!!!

    We were thinking about going to Hersey and the show, but I don't think we are making the trip.

    Here's the info on the show just in case you make it out that far.

  8. Hi Debbie...Now you have to have the barn to hold the cows,that make the milk,that you get the cream from that is used to make the ice I find it very fitting !!
    Nice photos by the way ; ]!! lol

  9. That request should get a 'yes'.After all who can resist good food,good company and chocolate as well.

  10. I agree with some of the others....This is my kind of cream and all.....

  11. could i have a sampling please? what a great place. what is your favorite type of ice cream. hope you get back to have a cone or two. ha. ha!! (:

  12. I love this barn, and it being an ice cream place makes it even better!

  13. A great barn that serves ice cream, How much better could that be. It really is a nice barn. I hope you get to go back and get ice cream. Have fun looking for more barns. :)

  14. Now why don't we have a barn like that here? sandie

  15. That place reminds me of the Apple Barn in Tenn!

  16. Debbie, I love is a real beauty.

  17. Now there's the best use for a barn I've ever cream!!! Yay!!

  18. I live in Hershey..and yes, it is great!!

  19. I've never seen a red silo. That's really cool! And no hoarding barn photos, Debbie! Sounds like it's time for a road trip. :-)

  20. Debbie, this exudes charm!
    Who wouldn't want to go inside for ice cream!!
    I was curious and wondered if this was a chain. I googled and found interesting info on the original farm.
    Thanks for sharing this one.
    I loved the letter to Chuck as well. Hope he reads this and plans a surprise trip. :) I'd go to Hershey with you.

  21. An ice cream parlor is the perfect use for a barn! Hershey would be the perfect place for a road trip--lots of barns around that area of PA.

  22. That looks lovely - and bummer indeed - how dare a home-made icecream place was shut when you were visiting lol.

  23. Lol... now that's a barn with definite yummy charm!

  24. That's one cool place, I'd love to get some ice cream & walk around seeing it all! BeeUTeeFul!

    Thanks so much for joining =)

  25. Wow, a beautiful barn AND ice cream. Now that's one of a kind I'd say!

  26. Cool shots.

    I'm running low on photos too. Thankfully summer is coming so I can get 'out and about' and stock up. lol

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