Monday, April 16, 2012

Barn Charm #32

Hold on to your hats fellow blogging friends and barn enthusiasts,
this is one special Barn Charm entry!!

The hubs and I were out and about, mother in tow, when I spotted this...

adorable little, freshly painted barn back in the woods!!

Is this not the cutest thing you have ever seen??
With the little matching picnic table.

Let's back up for a minute.
We were on our way to Panera Bread, to have bagels when I first spotted it.
I asked the hubs to "spin it around",
he said we would stop after breakfast.
Of course, mom agreed. Anything to keep us from stopping immediately.
I will mention here that she is never on my team,
never, not ever!!

Now if you follow my blog, you know they are both hoping I will forget,
but I didn't.
We ate our bagels and were back in the get-a-way car in no time,
there is bail money in the glove box, just in case.
As we were getting close to the barn I could see the owners of the farm,
in their big pick up truck, backing out the driveway!!
Getting the hubs to pull over, was like pulling teeth.
Mom sat quietly in the back seat, praying he wouldn't stop.

The car was still moving when I jumped out.
Anthony and John, father and son, were happy to greet me,
spin their truck around,
open the gate and give me full run of the place!!

There were lots of horses and these adorable Shetland Ponies.

Here's John, in the orange shirt which matches the barn, by the way.

I only took a few pictures,
respecting the fact that they were trying to leave.
Thank you Anthony and John for your kindness
and generosity of spirit!!

Adding a p.s. here, young John came over to the car as we were leaving
and asked me for the name of my blog.
I wrote it down for him, I hope he stopped by!!

Sharing A & J Paint Farm in Howell, New Jersey

Please follow the link above to view all the charming barns from around the world!!


  1. i can totally hear your mother muttering under her breath about you and your trespassing / photo obsession. :)

    it is a very cute barn. :)

  2. It's a beautiful building to see... put a few windows in and I could live there.

  3. That certainly is a cute barn and well loved by the looks of it.
    How nice was that of them to let you in - so much better than that mean person with the horse the other day.
    Restores your faith in humankind.
    I can just about see your mum with her head in her hands in the back seat of the car lol.

  4. Hi Debbie...Here I am to cause you
    Cute little barn and like Andrew said..a window and I could live there!!
    Nice people ( the guy and his son that is ..not the grumpies in the car hee-hee) They let you have a look around!!
    I have to say this you know what I'm like I always see things that either some don't dare mention or just don't even see...Is that horse in the background taking a poop??? hee-hee!!


  5. That looks like something you could put up in your back yard! I still prefer a deeper, barn red... that color's a bit wild, but I expect it will "weather" well!

  6. It's beautiful barn Deb. Great to read how you got the picture.
    gr. Marijke

  7. I am glad you were quick with the door. Love the little barn. Hugs, Bonnie

  8. grammie g....there is something wrong with you!! appears so and thanks for noticing!!

    nothing gets by you guys. you are as bad as my friends on facebook!!

  9. Oh...I want one!!! That has to be the cutest barn ever.

    Great ya got to get up close and personal with the Shetlands. I learned to ride on one.

    Her name was Midnight and she believed she was a dog! 'Even tried to follow me in the house one night when Mama called me in for supper. I can still hear Mama's screams!!!

    God bless ya and have a glorious week sweetie!!! :o)

  10. I am laughing right out loud as I can just see your mother sitting in the back seat muttering! haha!

    What a couple of nice fellows. Guess they know a good lady when they see one. :)

    Loved the barn and horses!

  11. Oh yay, nice people. It is a very nice barn. That makes me laugh your Mom is always on your husband's side. Very nice pictures.

  12. Hahahha...sounds like luck was on your side...when no one else was;)) Cute barn!

  13. Haha - boy do I understand that. It was a cute barn. Taken with your wonderful camera! We took pictures of barns at 70mph on the way home from S.C. Love, sandie

  14. you make me smile. great barn. so cute. (:

  15. What a nice barn...and beautiful horses!

  16. What a great experience Debbie, and that little barn is just too sweet!

  17. It's not trespassing if you're invited :)
    How cool of them to let you take some shots.

  18. Isn't it wonderful to meet someone friendly...most of the time people are but every now and then there is a grouch.

  19. Cute little barn and adorable little pony too!

  20. Glad you persisted, these are great pictures, love those ponies.

  21. Very cute... and love you story:)

  22. Very cute... and love you story:)

  23. Cute barn! And such nice owners to give you a tour! I understand how hard it is to get to stop for a photo op. My hubby isn't one for stopping most of the time.

  24. It has lots of charm and it sounds like its owners do too.
    I am so happy my hubby understands me and never fails to stop or turn around. I always say 'if it's ok' and he always says 'I'm in no hurry.' :)
    You captured a charming little barn! I hope John comes by too. I think he'll be proud.
    Cute ponies too!

  25. Hi...amazing entry my dear! I loved resding you ...and the photos are great!


  26. Talk about bright red! That's gorgeous! So nice you got a legal tour! :-)

  27. Your poor mother!!!
    Glad you found some nice people out there to give you a tour. After your last incident I think you needed it to restore faith in mankind LOL. That is a cute barn, I actually thought it was just a storage building painted like a barn upon first glance.

  28. I love the barn and horray for happy farmers inviting you onto their farm! I used to have a shetland pony! Great pictures as always and I'm glad the bail money didn't need to be used.

  29. cute story, nice people and pretty spread!

  30. Beautiful Barn. So pretty when freshly painted. Hopefully you had a great day with the hubs and mom.
    TFS. Ana

  31. I am sure it is a beautiful barn.


    Hi John, if you stop by.

  32. Hooray for you and your perseverance!!!!!!!!!!! Yessss!!!!

    Love the barn and the horses and the whole story. Very nice owners too! Great photo op, all round.

    Oh and -Phooie-on-Mom's-cold-water-throwing-. Don't you do enough for her, that she could *manage* to happily stop, for your photo op? -pout-

    "Reading takes us away from home,
    but more important,
    it finds homes for us everywhere."

    ~Hazel Rochman

  33. I'm so glaad you didn't forget to stop and that the owners were so kind to you. Made me smile.

  34. One more bit of serendipity just for you. Had you stopped on the way for bagels, you wouldn't have had the chance to get the gate unlocked. And, geez, I bet your mom never embarrassed you when you were young and she was in charge.

  35. I think once they seen your smiling face what else could they do but invite you in. Cute little red barn nice shots :)

  36. Cute barn, cute pony, cute story! I can just hear the comments when you got back in the car--I can't believe you did that, what were you thinking, we should never have stopped.....

  37. You inspired me to take a picture today. I just wrote about it in my last post. Thanks!

  38. Well, how cool is that! It's awesome to meet people like that & so glad they was cooperative!
    I think your mom & hubs are just gonna have to get used to the fact that you come w/ a friendly & slightly wild spirit... they should know that by now! LoL!

    Thanks a million for sharing this story w/ us =)

  39. what a cute barn! and the ponies are darling!