Thursday, March 29, 2012

Rural Thursday Blog Hop #5

We are going to take a break from Washington,
switch it up a little,
(was that a collective sigh I heard) 
today we are going country!!

This guy was laying down when I arrived...

It only took two whistles and one hey buddy
to get him up and headed toward me!!

We met, eye to eye...and he got a good look at me!!

He knew I was a friend,
I was able to feel the "breeze" when he sneezed...

I wanted to pet him but I refrained!!

I have shared pictures of this "animal" before,
that's right folks, I don't know what it is!!

These pictures are new ones, from March 18th.
I was out for a drive with Chuck and my mom.
My mom is not an adventurous spirit either,
she kept Chuck company in the car,
fussing the whole time about what I was doing.

I have a friend Andee at  Match the Pictures she knows the owners
of this farm!!
She can get me IN, as in INSIDE!!

and the goats are pregnant, those babies will need to be bottle fed!!

Excited does not even come close to what I am feeling!!

Sharing today with Nancy at A Rural Journal

Please hop over to see what all those wonderful country girls are doin'.

You can also read Nancy's tutorial on making your own
hummingbird feeder, she is very creative and it's amazing.
I hope she "pins" it!! Most of you will know what that means!


  1. Wow! These are amazing! Sometimes, I think you and Becky are long lost relatives! I'm always yelling at her not to get so close and not to trespass! ha!

  2. I didn't yawn - I love DC, but I am sure enjoying these - I am a photo-holic. You have a great camera. Sandie

  3. Well, I have never seen a halter on a bull before...this is the these are great pictures...I think he likes you because he has a sweet look in his eyes...maybe he likes you coming around?

    Can you find me today? I was working on my header yesterday and that is the only reason I know I was not showing up....Let me know if you're not finding me....

  4. What a beautiful animal. Your pictures are gorgeous of him. You are definitely brave to get that close to him. But he looks so sweet. I know what you are talking about when it comes to mothers. My mom is the same way. She asks me daily what are you doing, cutting paper again. Don't you have anything better to do than clean and scrapbook. MOTHER's,but you have to love them for who they are.
    Will you be posting pictures of your tree decorated for Easter? I would love to see it.

  5. I know that line about feeling him sneeze was for me...just to impress me and make sure I knew how close you got. I ran away from a bee...a BEE...yesterday cause he scared me! Oh well, I will never be the animal whisperer you are ~ so I'm glad I can visit your friends here. I'd probably be out of the car...leaning on it...but I'd be egging you on, not fussing!

  6. love the horns on these handsome fellows. :)

  7. He's handsome! I look forward to seeing pics on the inside of the farm :-)

  8. I love to see this cow's. The have such a soft look in their eyes. But I don't want to come to close to it because they are realy strong if they want to. Have a lovely day.

  9. Well I like these shots. He looks really interested in you. I really have to say that I don't do bulls in any state. Just not a fan. He is pretty though.
    He is a shorthorn bull right?

  10. Beautiful Photos.Can't wait to see a post on 'the inside'

  11. I'm shocked that your refrained from patting him... you're so brave in other aspects, like trespassing! heheheee I guess it's different when the 'danger' is staring you right between the eyes! YiKeS!

    I hope you know I'm just foolin w/ ya... I mean no disrespect, just itchin for a chuckle or laugh!!! =)

  12. Oh my! Me'thinks you are a wee bit tooo adventurous, around big animals. Eeeeek! ,-)

    "Naps are nature's way of reminding you that life is nice---like a beautiful, softly swinging hammock strung between birth and infinity." ~Peggy Noonan

  13. Oh he is quite a big beast isn't he. It looks as if he was definately giving you the eye in one of those shots. You must have seemed ok to him as he definately seemed to like you :))

  14. That is one big fella'
    I woul have totally refrained from petting him too :)

  15. Is he a Jersey? I always love seeing horns on bulls -- just seems right. Ole! :)

  16. If you can get inside, maybe you can get a formal introduction! I think he is gorgeous!!

  17. Good looking animal, but with horns like that I'd keep my distance a bit too. The baby goat though sounds very interesting, you will be doing pictures I hope.

  18. Great looking bull and your photos are wonderful, Debbie! I'm with the others...I've never seen a halter on a bull before.

  19. LOL... You Think he's friendly??.... glad there is a fence between you two!

  20. I can't wait to go to the farm with you! I haven't been there in in a while. It is such a fun farm. Maybe we will even get to take a golf cart ride to the pond to feed the ducks! They are very funny ducks.