Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Cherry Blossom Festival

If you’ve never been to Washington D.C., you really must go.
If you plan on going during The Cherry Blossom Festival,
be sure and bring a lot of patience and your best walking shoes,
you’re going to walk a lot.
You will also need an extra memory card for the camera,
picture opportunities are everywhere.
The blossoms came early this year and
we were lucky enough to catch them at their peak,
they were breathtaking.
We arrived in D.C. on Thursday and had a fun dinner at Ketchup’s.
After dinner we took a 3 hour bus tour called Monuments by Moonlight,
you haven’t seen Washington till you’ve seen it at night!!
Enough talk, let’s get to the good stuff, pictures!!

This is me waiting patiently for the bus.

We stopped at the Capital first.
This is Chuck being silly at the Capital.

You have about 20 minutes at each stop to get out with the tour guide
to hear some interesting facts and take pictures.
Just in case you ever decide to do this, you need to be able to "keep up".

Chuck and I on the steps at the Capital.

The sun started to set as we finished up at the Capital,
this was the view of the Lincoln Memorial behind us.

Here we are at WWII Memorial.

The next stop was the Jefferson Memorial.
I did not make it to the memorial and we did not get any pictures.

We stopped at the Lincoln Memorial,
The Korean Memorial and the Vietnam Memorial, next.
I decided to stay on the bus for these, the bus driver was thrilled!!
Chuck got off and was able to capture a few pictures,
this one was the best!!

I was able to see the Martin Luther King Memorial.
I thought he looked a little solemn,
 but the memorial was beautiful and I was so happy that it was situated close to the highway!!

A peak at the Cherry Blossoms at night.

The last stop was the White House,
I think this pictures is “crooked”,
we knew when we took it but we were both so exhausted
we didn't care!!
We took about 500 pictures,
so there will be several entries about this trip.
The Nikon is still in the shop so
all these pictures were taken with the old Cannon,
I am grateful to have a back up!!
Keep in mind, we arrived in Washington at 4 p.m. today.
Today was a half day and we are already exhausted!!


  1. Debbie these are wonderful pictures. It sounds like a fantastic trip and I can't wait to see it through all of your pictures.
    You better get lots of good sleep to keep you going though.

  2. oh, no the white house is crooked. ha. ha!! awesome photos!! i've been to washington many times but never during the cherry blossom festival. looks so beautiful. you look so cute between all the flowers. i love the sunset photo. wow, just lovely. your husband looks like he has a great sense of humor. thank you for sharing. i really need to make a trip up. i had heard they were out a lot earlier this year is that right? (:

  3. love the photo of the sundown at the washington monument! so pretty! the tour sounds really neat, but i'm exhausted just looking at this post!

  4. Oh, I'm so jealous! Your photos are wonderful Debbie. And I don't think the last photo is crooked -- looks great! :)

  5. HI Debbie...Did you plan for that tulip to be coming out of the top of you to me to see that...; }
    You two are so cute together, do you have this much fun together all the time...does he have single older brother ??? hahahaha!!
    It must be gorgeous from what photos I have seen so far can't wait to see more !!
    Beth's comment about the White being crooked...that's good one... ; ]
    Grace ♥

  6. I am soooo bummed the blossoms came out early this year. Was planning on going the first week in April with my daughter. But I'm glad that you got there and I will be able to see photos. Love that one of the sun setting by the Washington Monument!

  7. Great shots, I think the best is the sunset shot of the Mounument. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Debbie, I was suppose to be there this past week plans were changed. I wonder if we would have run into each other. Wouldn't that have been grand? Hugs, Bonnie

  9. Beaut photos Debbie - that one of you sitting waiting patiently for the bus in front of the flowers is so lovely.

    I can imagine how exhausted you both must be. Jumping in and out of a bus is very tiring - and 20 mins goes fast!!

    The Cherry Blossoms at night photo is simply gorgeous.

    Beaut post, thanks Debbie xx

  10. Debbie - I love to see a picture of you and your hubby! And I enjoyed the tour of DC during the Cherry Blossom Festival - do you live near there? sandie

  11. Fantastic! Keep the photos coming...I know you will! I got tired just listening to you describe it all! That sunset pic is breathtaking!

  12. I have never been to Washington. But now after these pictures (which by the way are gorgeous), I must tell my husband we have to go. Yes, have to.
    Get some rest, I am waiting patiently for the next round of pictures.

  13. Wow, your photos are beautiful. I love the setting sun with just a sliver of the reflecting pool. You give yours more life than the ones that work so hard to get the monument aligned just so in the water.

  14. That was a nice trip, I bet you were glad to get home right?
    I love your pictures.

  15. Sounds like a very intensive tour.It almost makes me tired just reading about it,The pictures are lovely.

  16. Beautiful pictures! Very cool you hit the peak cherry blossom peak too.

  17. Amazing pics!
    I REALLY love the cherry blossom at night pic. Looking forward to seeing more :)

  18. Gorgeous pictures. I love the first one of you with the flowers in the background. It's a good one of you. The Lincoln memorial must take your breath away in person. Wow.


  19. Your photo's are great. To me it's lovely to monuments, places, where I never have been. Can't wait to see the rest.
    gr. Marijke

  20. Hi Debbie, looks like a fun trip to DC. Loved all the photos and seeing all the monuments. I have never been in DC at night, only day time. The Cherry Blossoms are beautiful to see. Thanks for sharing your trip and bus tour. Happy Sunday!

  21. Great pictures. I would love to go to DC again - last time was in '94 when Marshall's class went. I really would love to tour Arlington at leisure. It was so interesting.
    That sunset shot is gorgeous!

  22. I love all of you pretty photos...especially that one of you with the flowers! I don't think I could have kept up with all of that. Sounds fun but exhausting! Rest up. I look forward to seeing more pictures of your wonderful trip!

  23. Simply beautiful photos, Debbie.

    Well if you drift down the Manasquan River (which is part of the Intracoastal Waterway) about 1200 miles you will wind up in Jupiter, Florida.. and that is where we have lived for the past 27 years.

  24. Oh my goodness Debbie, I am so glad you got to see this. It is really an amazing sight.
    Love the photographs of the two of you!