Friday, March 16, 2012

An Afternoon At The Beach

Nothing but seagulls, blue skys...

and blue seas, for as far as the eye can see!!
Nothing compares to the feel of sand between your toes,
the sense of peace and comfort this place offers.

A pocket full of sea glass...

and a heart full of love!!

Life at the Jersey Shore, it's amazing!!

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  1. I could NOT agree w/ you more about sand between your toes! Oh how I miss living in the country by the river... my daughter & I would walk down to the river all the time just to walk barefoot in the sand! But, now, I live in town & there's no sand... I miss it! =0
    What is sea glass? I saw it in a movie once, but never looked it up... I'll have to check it out.

    Thank you for the hugs & best wishes for lil Landon... I'm waiting to hear more about how he's doing right now.

  2. Ahhhhhh....such a calming, soothing, lovely spot. Real curative powers! Great find - a heart shaped piece of sea glass. I see a piece of jewelry in its future??!!

  3. Gorgeously beautiful and so restful. How cute is the sand glass - and the heart shape... it was waiting for you :D)

  4. Wow, Boy do I wish I was walking there. How great to live o close to such a beauty. South Beach in Florida is very popular, but very crowded. You can't walk a straight line. You have to walk zig zag the whole time.
    Your beach seems so calm and relaxing.
    Great sea glass. Do you have then in a jar at home. The heart shape one is really nice for a necklace. You should consider selling a hand full on ebay or etsy. I'd be the first to buy them.

  5. You have combined two of my absolutely favorite things ... the beach (ANY beach!) ... and hearts!

    Some of the brights spots of my life were times when I spent hours and hours and hours wandering a sandy beach, picking up bits of sea glass and shells and pretty rocks. Sigh. I don't get the chance to do that much anymore. Thank you for bringing me back!!!

  6. Lovely...

    Wondering if your beach peace/quiet will be shattered though... With Spring Break kids, taking over? Another blogger who loves her beach, was saying this is about to happen.


    "It's spring fever....
    You don't quite know what it is you DO want,
    but it just fairly makes your heart ache, you want it so!"

    ~Mark Twain

  7. What could be better than that?! Beautiful! Love that little heart shaped sea glass.

  8. What I'd give to be at the shore! I miss the water, sand and waves so much. Think I am due a vacay :)

  9. Amazing pictures.This looks like a relaxing place to be.

  10. What a beautiful blue sky's and great sandy beach. It must have been a wonderful day to you. And finding a heart how supprised you must have been. It was there specialy for you I think.
    Have a lovely weekend dear friend
    Hugs and warm wishes

  11. That is really a peaceful, beautiful scene! Great sea glass finds!

  12. There is something magical sitting at ocean side. Enjoy the beauty of the day.

  13. I spotted that heart right away! :)

    I'm so glad you have such a healing place to go.

  14. Love is everywhere.

  15. Oh how I long to squish some of that warm sand between these toes of mine!!!

    Your pictures are just beautiful, I can almost feel the mist of the water on my face!

    God bless ya and have yourself one terrific weekend sweetie!!! :o)

  16. The sea glass is cool!! Now I want to go to the beach.

  17. Love the sound, smell and breeze of the beach. Nice pics!

  18. Lovely photos from the beach, Debbie. The sea glass is pretty, especially the heart shaped piece. Great find. Have a wonderful weekend!

  19. I spotted that heart shaped glass right away. Great find. :)

  20. Ya know, you are really pissing me off! Going to the beach all the time, picking up beautiful sea glass, and having all that fun! It's just not fair! :) hehe anyway beautiful photos Debbie. Wish I was there!

  21. Gorgeous beach!! I sure wish I was there...
    I envy you that pocket full of beach glass!!! And a heart shaped piece, on top of it all!! You sure have all the luck!
    As for the emu - he is beautiful!! I love his eyes! I have a pair of earrings made with a bit of emu eggshell...

  22. I love the blue skies and the colored glass - so pretty. sandie