Tuesday, May 28, 2024

The Memorial Tree

I have shared pictures of this tree before,
it sits outside a local restaurant, we enjoy eating there.
You may remember that they decorate it for every holiday or season.
This is The Memorial Tree
I must go back one night and see it with the lights on,
it must be so pretty!

The tree is kept alive and healthy by collecting rainwater and then watering the tree with it.

People have been placing hand painted shells at the base of the tree.
I am going to bring one of mine, for the next time we go.

I love this tree and always look forward to seeing it!

This was my online puzzle yesterday, isn't it great?


Marie Smith said...

What a great idea for such a tree. Thank you for sharing, Debbie.

eileeninmd said...

The tree is a great idea, decorating it for all the different holidays.
The painted shells are pretty and I like the puzzle image.
Take care, enjoy your day!