Friday, July 29, 2022

Do You Watch Television??

 We watch television in the evening, not during the daytime, 
but we enjoy it at night.

We have all the channels, maybe 1000...Netflix and Prime Video too.
Lately, we are having trouble finding flicks we enjoy.
But I have a few I could watch 100 times and never tire of.
My favorite movie of all time is The Notebook, the best love story ever written.
Hachiko: A Dog's Story is a true story about a man's friendship with his dog.
Five Feet Apart was a favorite movie about two young cystic fibrosis patients falling in love.
The Fault in our Stars a coming of age romance film.
A Star Is Born, do you need a description? Has anyone not seen this fabulous movie?

21 Bridges

The Summer I Turned Pretty a series about growing up and falling in love.

We both loved Lincoln Lawyer both the older movie and the newer series.
The Tender Bar about a boy growing up on Long Island who is searching for a father figure.
Dallas Buyers Club, Failure To Launch & How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days, all great
 Matthew McConaughey movies.
Something's Gotta Give, we just watched again for maybe the fifth time, such a great movie.
We both loved the series Yellowstone, Sweet Magnolias and we like 20/20 and Dateline.
We watched a cute movie last night, an older but really sweet and funny one,
The Goodbye Girl with Richard Dreyfuss

So how about you...what are you guys watching?


MarmePurl said...

I rarely urn the TV on (except during hockey season!) but do occasionally try to find a movie. Thanks for the suggestions.

Marie Smith said...

I like British series like Call the Midwife and Grantchester. The television is on here as background noise usually. My husband doesn’t watch it at all.

Jim and Barb's Adventures said...

It's been a few months since we have had any serious TV time. We have Netflix and YouTube TV. It's amazing that with all those channels we still struggle to find good movies sometimes.

Some of those you mentioned are our favorites too!

Farm Girl said...

Hi Debbie,
I was just thinking about the Good-bye girl just the other day. Do you know the only thing I watch now is my son and his wife's You Tube channel. I got rid of my Netflix years ago. So weird for me. I think after we moved we just never watched anything and I still have all of these great movies on DVD. But I have read a crazy amount of books. :) I listen to them as well. This will sound weird, but after 2020 I just never had the mental energy to watch movies.

Linda said...

My go-to is Vera right now. Louis Dean and I watch S.W.A.T. together.....
I love a good movie but haven't seen one lately! Oh, except Marry Me! That was a good one!

Ruth Hiebert said...

I have both Amazon Prime and Netflix and just recently also got Discovery+, but I watch virtually no movies, so 'no' I have not even heard about the ones you mentioned. I like cooking/baking shows and home shows.

LeAnn said...

We enjoy many of the movies you mentioned. Lately, we have been enjoying some of the fun movies of the 50's and 60's. I know this ages us. We enjoy some of the old mysteries and try and guess who done it. Lately, we have watched a few episodes of the "Murder She Wrote". They are old, but fun to guess who did it.
We did enjoy recently, the new "Top Gun" movie. During Covid, we watched all the Star Wars movies and Hobbit movies.
We have always loved going to theaters for movies, but that has slowed down.
Thanks for some of the fun suggestions of movies you have enjoyed.
Blessings and hugs!

Susie said...

Oh Debbie, If I find a movie I like I will watch more than once....because there's so many awful ones out there. I love sports movies. Like Sandlot. I love to see Diane Keeton movies. I love dog stories also. Blessings to you, xoxo, Susie

DrumMajor said...

I only have a square flat antenna in my window. All of those channel options and streaming just make me feel ripped off. I have lots of DVDs and VHS movies. My favorite is Somewhere in Time with Christopher Reeve (before Superman,) and Jane Seymour (before Dr. Quinn.) There's even events and a fan club that meet at Mackinac Island yearly. Mr. Holland's Opus was a lot like my high school band experience and director. With my weird work hours, I enjoy vegging out with PBS shows or "meTV" with the oldies like M*A*S*H or Andy Griffith. Linda in Kansas

Karen @ Beatrice Euphemie said...

We keep it on for background noise mostly. Do love to watch PBS - the British comedies and anything on Masterpiece. We only have basic satellite and no streaming services due to spotty Wi-Fi, but love to watch romantic comedies and classic movies. Under the Tuscan Sun is a fave, anything with Sandra Bullock or Julia Roberts. Love 'The Notebook' and that type of movie. Can't watch anything violent - but I do love a good mystery like Grantchester. Hope you are staying cool and enjoy the weekend! Hugs xo K

Conniecrafter said...

I just watched Yellowstone for the first time, I taped all 4 seasons and have only 3 more to go to be caught up, LOVED it! I love watching all the masterpiece on Sundays that are from the old English era.

Rian said...

Like you, we generally don't watch TV during the day (unless there's soccer or football on for DH) - but we do watch it after supper. Recently we subscribed to PBS and are enjoying so many Masterpiece Theater shows. We just watched "Around the world in 80 days"... so good!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Like you, TV is only on evenings after dinner. And only when we are ready to watch it, never for background noise! In fact, we both use wireless ear thingies so there's no noise at all when we are watching (or when one of us is and one of us isn't!) We both like British mysteries and comedies -- we have Prime and Netflix and "for only a slight extra fee" through Prime we also have Acorn and BritBox. We don't watch movies very often, mostly series.