Friday, July 22, 2022

A Walk On The Wild Side

 When my new deck was installed, my wildflower garden was dug up to accommodate the foundation.
I was heartbroken...those flowers had so much special meaning.
The seeds were purchased during trips we had taken and every couple of years I added new seeds to it.
It multiplied over the years on it's own too and it was quite beautiful the last year we had it.
This past spring, the hubs helped me to replant it, and I am thrilled with the outcome.
It is a little sparse this year, 
but I know each year it will grow thicker and more beautiful.
It is full of many different plants and a variety of colors.

Here are pictures of a few...

Indian Blanket Wildflower

Sulfur Cosmos

Black Eyed Susans
Brown Eyed Susans

Flower of an Hour ~ Hibiscus
This plant flowers for one hour each day.

Garden Cosmos

We planted 3 packages of these seeds 
on the back side of the deck...
I made a small garden scrapbook, 
I will show that in a seperate post.

The garden stretches the entire length of the deck.

I see a lot of pretty wildflowers at Lake of the Lilies also.

Button Bush

Brown Eyed Susans

Next time I visit, I am going to focus on the wildflowers.

- wildflower...a brave bloom with the courage to grow anywhere, a symbol of wanderlust -


Marie Smith said...

Just glorious! I’d be there waiting for that one hour of bloom every day!

Rian said...

Debbie, I love wildflowers! And I'd never seen that Button Bush before...

Sandi said...


Anonymous said...

Very pretty Debbie. When I see colorful large zinnias planted in someone's yard makes me turn my head twice to get another look

BeachGypsy said...

A very Beautiful post Debbie! Love seeing all your flowers--- and your vegetables the other day too! (ThOse were HUGE!) do yall use your produce immediately share/give away or can or freeze? I've been busy freezing !

Lowcarb team member said...

So pleased you were able to replant/reseed.
It's coming along very nicely indeed.

All the best Jan

DeniseinVA said...

Lakes of the Lilies is such a delightful sounding name. Your flowers are gorgeous! You will soon be getting lots of butterflies Debbie, and they are all about new beginnings. May your new flowers grow gloriously, you have certainly made a great start :)

Ruth Hiebert said...

The beauty of wildflowers is so special.Enjoy all those pretty blooms.

DrumMajor said...

Wow! Those are glorious! You have a spiritual magic garden talent. That's a cool hibiscus. You may know, that you can cut the flower and bring it inside into a short saucer dish of water to enjoy inside for the day. (Watch out for too many ants.) When I worked nights, I learned that they bloomed at 4 a.m. I'm still trying to figure out how it's little petal muscles know when to open, and then when to close. Linda in Kansas

Kay said...

I love wildflowers, but don't see much in Hawaii. I loved seeing them in Illinois.

Soma @ said...

I love wildflowers too. Yours look gorgeous already and I am sure within the next couple of years it will just burst with blooms! Beautiful photos too, Debbie!!


LeAnn said...

Oh, my dear friend, I have to go back a way and read more. I have missed so much. I love your flower posts and I am so happy that you have another wildflower garden. It is spectacular, the photos are so beautiful.
Blessings and hugs for sharing all the beauty flowers, you find and grow.

Changes in the wind said...

Oh such a beautiful variety!