Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Planting The Garden

 I hardly remember planting my raised vegetable garden, it was so long ago now.
I planted a lot of seeds this year and then also picked up a few plants at the garden center.
I usually start my plants in the house in early April, but I did not do that this year,
everything was started outdoors, right in the raised garden.

Things are coming along nicely.

I planted seeds for Iceberg Lettuce, which I forgot I had done.
The Iceberg Lettuce is in the front, on the right, in this garden.
That lettuce has grown from seeds planted in late April, it has done really well.

All of the Butterhead Lettuce in the back returned from last year, 
I did not plant any of that this year.
It is delicious and makes a really nice salad, I was surprised to see it come back.

In this garden, I planted Cucumber Seeds along the back and Yellow Squash seeds in the front.
The Tomato Plant on the right I purchased at our garden center.

These pictures were taken on May 30th and I am happy with the progress.

These herbs will attract my Black Swallowtail Butterflies,
I will also enjoy them in my cooking.

The hubs planted 3 large packs of Flower Mix Seeds (seen below) here,
these plants are suppose to attract Butterflies.
It just looks like a bunch of weeds but I have my fingers crossed for flowers.

I hung my Hummingbird feeder in mid April.
When I called our favorite little bird seed shop,
Wild Bird Seeds and Such
the owner told me the hummingbirds had arrived early, the end of March.

The hubs planted 6 flats of Vincas, 
around the mailbox post, the birdhouse and all around the front of the center garden,
in the front of the house.
You can get a peak of the center garden, in the right corner of this picture.
That garden is difficult to photograph.

The hubs made this garden smaller by adding sod on either side of the Vincas.
I was not in agreement with that, but he felt the garden was too big and needed to be smaller.

This birdhouse is up by the front door.

I have 16 azaleas in this color in my back yard, they were gorgeous this year.

This is the house in spring.
The azaleas in the front are a deep dark pink, they look red in this picture.


Marie Smith said...

You did well to get some many plants from seeds set outdoors. I am still tidying up beds here. Planting is a few weeks off.

Changes in the wind said...

Wow that lettuce looks amazing and so does all the other things. Love the parsley pot and of course the bird house is out of this world.

DrumMajor said...

Your raised beds look fun. I'm SO tempted to get some, as I'm tired of leaning over. I guess rabbits don't eat from raised beds, but I wonder if all my squirrels might mess with the plants. I didn't know butter lettuce would come back on it's own. Your gardens are beautiful. Thanks for the tour and sunshine. We're tired of rain. Linda in Kansas

Rian said...

Loved seeing your garden progress, Debbie. I would love to have lettuce in my garden - and will plant it in the Fall. And I noticed that you have 2 veg trugs. I told DH that if this one does well, I plan to get another. So far, so good.

Tanza Erlambang said...

your Lettuce look so green compared to my own...
make me jealous...

Wonderful garden.

eileeninmd said...

Your gardens are looking wonderful. The lettuce looks delicious. I love the Azaleas and the Vincas. Take care, enjoy your day!

Buttons alias Grace said...

Beautiful gardens. Love the raised beds. Hummingbirds are beautiful . Nice to finally get back here Miss Debbie. Hope you are well. Hugs B

Lowcarb team member said...

I'm still not sure if my comments are coming through ok, but your garden looks lovely.

Happy June Wishes.

All the best Jan

Brian King said...

Your garden is doing very well! All the flowers and your landscaping are beautiful!

Soma @ said...

Your veggie garden looks amazing, they must taste amazing too! The mailbox looks so pretty, for that matter, everything looks really pretty! Loved seeing your garden.