Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Ocean Grove...Tent City

 We visited Ocean Grove on Saturday for their annual craft extravaganza.
The show was amazing, many new and repeat vendors,
I was able to purchase a really nice handmade clay pot, a snazzy bookmarker,
and some deep nourishing serum for the sun spots on my face.

After the show we drove around Ocean Grove to view the quaint, historic, victorian homes.
This resort town is located on the Atlantic Ocean and is known for its large wooden theater, 
The Great Auditorium, that hosts Sunday worship services and choral concerts.

Little House

Ocean Grove is home to 
Tent City
a colony of canvas tents that are available for rent in the summertime.
These aren't your average, run of the mill camping tents, 
you'll need to put your name on an extensive waitlist to get one, 
and you could wait more than 15 years to get one.

- a man travels the world over, in search of what he needs, only to return home to find it -


Conniecrafter said...

Neat that you were able to find some goodies at the craft fair, I always love looking at those houses, love all the details in them! The tent city looks interesting, wonder how the noise is everyone being so close together?

Changes in the wind said...

Wonderful pictures and cleaver, that tent city.

Farm Girl said...

What a pretty place. Wow! wait 15 years?? I think that is an awesome place to be able to visit. I loved the houses.

Farm Girl said...

P.S. I think your house and the view from your swimming pool is the best.

Sally said...


Y'all find the best place to explore. Those house are just too adorable. I'm sorry to be missing a lot; hoping things get back to as normal as possible.


Marie Smith said...

Those homes are lovely. They must. Coast a pretty Penny.

Angie said...

Debbie - the architecture of the homes is so quaint and delicate and colorful. So appropriate for a beach town. I was expecting "homeless" when you wrote of a tent city, but I sure got that wrong!

DrumMajor said...

Those houses are beautiful. All of the trim and different colors of paint are certainly keeping the local painters and their ladders employed. And the tent city looks like the regular houses. Stunning. Linda in Kansas

Rian said...

Such a cute place. Do people actually live there or is it basically a rental vacation area? Definitely looks like a great (and expensive) place to spend some time.

♥ Łucja-Maria ♥ said...

Oh what wonderful buildings. I am delighted with them. Dear Debbie, thank you for seeing this amazing place.
Hugs and greetings:)

Ruth S said...

Beautiful place but there are no driveways in the entire town.

Soma @ said...

I love Victorian homes and these are gorgeous. Love seeing all the architectural details. Thanks so much for sharing the photos.


Jeannee said...

Oh Debbie I loved seeing all of this again - thank you! One question ... I remember (from something like 30 years ago) that Ocean Grove had a yard sale every year - is that now replaced by this craft show???