Friday, November 19, 2021

Sugar Pop Candy Bar

 It was 71 degrees yesterday...can you believe that?
It is the third week of November and we ran around in tee-shirts, shorts and flip-flops.
Well...I always wear flip-flops.
We found a couple of awesome places to visit, none "sweeter" than 

- candy stores...keeping dentists in business -

This is a huge fish tank

Pucker Powder...

so many candies I have never heard of.

Hosting Birthday Parties...

They offer Ice Cream and Italian Ice

A Birthday Spread...and a cake made from candy!

- you are what you eat, so eat something sweet -


  1. Our grandkids would love that place. So colourful!

  2. I would eat this entire store. And you would be really embarrassed you invited me.

  3. Our 4 grandsons would get crazy in that store! (and my wife too....)

  4. What a neat place to have a birthday party! It's so colorful and sweet! Any sugar free...never mind, it's never as good! lol Hugs!

  5. How come you deserve such warm weather!?

  6. "71 degrees yesterday" - Goodness me that is warm!

    A colourful store and what you said is no doubt true!
    "candy stores...keeping dentists in business"

    All the best Jan

  7. We had that weather a few days ago, it was beautiful, now we are in the 40's but it goes up to the upper 50's tomorrow :) Did you end up getting anything, the ice cream would have been perfect!

  8. That fish tank is amazing! Who would have thought to put one there?? When you said 'Flip Flops'...... I immediately thought.....when have I ever seen Debbie in anything BUT flip flops??? They always make me smile and I ALWAYS look for them in your pics.

  9. Hello,
    My hubby is the candy eater in our family, he would love this place.
    Happy weekend to you!

  10. What a fun little shop to visit. So bright and cheery and I agree candy keeps dentists in business. LOL!

  11. WOW! Looks like an exciting place to visit.