Wednesday, November 3, 2021

A Spectacular Like No Other...

 We went to 
to see the fall colors, the mums and the pumpkins.
We also went because the fountain shows were ending
and we wanted to see one before the close of the season.
The garden features 1,719 fountains.
In this large show, the fountains entertain with dazzling colors and effects,
and power that can rocket water into the air up to 175 feet.
A theater of light set to music, tonight the water danced to the songs of Dolly Pardon.

The show was magnificent!


  1. It looks magnificent, Debbie. It must lift the spirit!

  2. That is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!---- love it!! Which Dolly songs? How is your week going? Did you find the HGTV magazine goof????!!!ha ha LOL

    1. weeks going good, i did "peek" in and found the goof....

      dolly songs: 9 - 5, joleen, i will always love you, islands in the stream, here you come again...those are the ones i remember!! it was AWESOME!!!

  3. Wow! 1,719 fountains, that is a lot!
    Super photographs, the colours are amazing.

    All the best Jan

  4. Wow! I bet that was a site to see. Thanks for sharing.

  5. so cool, that is great that you were able to see them before the season ended, sure looks pretty against the night sky!

  6. Y’all do the coolest things!

  7. Yes, a magnificent show and as the Queen sing .... the show must go on!!!

  8. Hello,
    The fountains at night are beautiful, a spectacular show to see. Take care, enjoy your day!

  9. Dazzling as well as spectacular comes to mind when I see them! It's such a treat that you can enjoy such beauty, so good for the soul. Especially with Dolly singing. 💖

  10. Oh, Wow! So beautiful! We have nothing like that around here. Thanks for sharing! xx K

  11. Gorgeous colors! It had to be spectacular to see in person!