Tuesday, November 16, 2021

The Point Pleasant Inlet

 The weather here warmed up again, but has been a little gloomy.
Gloomy = no rain, no sun...it's difficult to define what kind of day are we having?
When you google gloomy the definition is: dark or dim, deeply shaded, gloomy skies.
That's it!
I don't mind rain, in fact I love a good rainy day, but we have been stuck somewhere in-between.
(We did have an awesome storm on Saturday but I missed the entire thing).

Anyway, we went for a drive, no fixed plans, no destination in mind and we ended up at the inlet.
- no surprise there -

We were excited to see this piece of dredging equipment that we have never seen before.
It is used to scrap or suck sediment from the bottom of the ocean,
and then it is carried out to a safer place in the ocean.

It was fun to watch it "dredge" and then leave to carry it out to the ocean for disposal!

Common Grackle
They are very common everywhere and especially here by the water.

We have seen divers before here at the inlet.
He comes first to anchor his flag, so the boaters know where he is underwater.

Then he suits up...

and in he goes.
The entire process took about 20 minutes.

- sky above, sand below, peace within -


Marie Smith said...

Great variety in this post, Debbie. The diver and dredge were a great catch. Who doesn’t love grackles?

Conniecrafter said...

Oh wow that is quite the machinery to dredge isn't it, I saw on the news the other day there is one that sucks up all the plastic and junk, not sure what they do with it after that, hopefully recycle it but at least it is out of the water harming the sea creatures. I wonder what the diver does when he goes down, just shows you that you need to know a lot when you get into a boat.
Hope your days get better. We are having one more warm day today and then the cold sets in for awhile it looks like.

eileeninmd said...

The dredging equipment is interesting. Great capture of the Common Grackle. Hope your day is great!

Sandi said...

He is brave!

Black Knight said...

A beautiful and elegant bird: great shot.
The images of dredging take me back in the past when I worked in the port.

jp@A Green Ridge said...

I wonder how much garbage is "out there"? I can't imagine what is under out ocean waters!!...jp

Lowcarb team member said...

Great pictures.
I do wonder what the diver does when he goes down?
Any chance of asking him please if you should see him again!

All the best Jan

Brian King said...

It would be cool to see the sediment being removed from an underwater view. I wonder if it's similar to cleaning a swimming pool? LOL! I have family members who used to dive, but I've never done it.