Saturday, August 31, 2019

Saturday Critters ~ 298 ~

Do you remember my visit to the beach in Point Pleasant to see the 
I finally went back and things sure have changed.
I wish I had re-visited sooner, as I have missed so much.

Black Skimmers

It was sad to see garbage and beach balls in the nesting area.
This beach is a day beach and it attracts a lot of people from out of town.

Juvenile/Young Black Skimmer

Fish Dinner

This one was not very happy when "Skimmer with fish" did not share it's food.

It's a pretty big group, 

the area is still roped off with these caution signs.

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  1. Skimmers are enigmatic birds indeed, Debbie, and I regret that I seldom see them since I don't live close to the ocean. It is very sad to see trash on the beach. Wouldn't you think that by 2019 we had become a little more diligent about not fouling up the area? Obviously not.

  2. Hi again Debbie: The picture you have identified as a juvenile is in fact a young Black Skimmer.

    1. ok, thanks david...i knew the beak was off, but it looked like the least terns we had see on our last trip. thanks again, i'll change it!! and the trash on the beach, in the nesting area, really infuriated me. BUT if you could see the people that use this beach you would understand. not many locals, it is primarily people who are on vacation!

      also, so many balls...this beach is huge, parents should not allow there children to play ball anywhere near this area!!

  3. It is interesting to see a sign about the Piping plover there. We have the signs here too. I would love to have a photo of the bird but I have never been so fortunate. I love the photos you took of the terns and skimmers. Gotta love the beaks of those skimmers. You’d think they’d get in their way!

  4. Awesome photos! Those Skimmer bills are just cool! Appropriately designed for the task. Glad you were able to go back even if later.

  5. Yep....we don't have those here in Tennessee. Pretty and colorful. I had to look hard to see the eyes though. Nice job.

  6. Hello, Wonderful captures of the Black Skimmers. They are one of my favorite shore birds. The young are cute. It is sad about the trash on the beach, people should pack their trash out with them. Thanks for sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend. PS, thank you for the visit and comment.

  7. Pretty color that orange beak and love the one with the fish in its mouth:) Hate to see the carelessness of people leaving trash behind.

  8. I don't know that I have ever seen those birds they are cool and the babies are too cute, that is sad if people aren't doing what the signs say. We have a park in our area that we have to stay out of certain areas at different times of the year. Love the pics with the fish in their mouth :) Have a great weekend!

  9. I have never seen those beautiful birds. Yes, it's very sad to see the garbage in the nesting area.

  10. The skimmers are so neat. I was doing a sketch of one and realized how much shorter the top of their beak was. You see things in more detail when you sketch...or see a close up like your photos! Beautiful!

  11. Amazing Skimmers with their beautiful beaks. He/she was posing so you could get shots either side!
    I like that the nesting area is actually fenced off and with a sign.
    Yes, I too agree about all the rubbish being left behind. I've found, throughout my life, that some people don't bring their children up to respect birds or any animals - it's like they view these vulnerable creatures as something to be ridiculed and tormented. I would bet that some of those balls were used deliberately to disrupt the nesting area.
    I'm thinking those sort of people with that mindset are also the ones who leave their rubbish behind... the kind of tourists (and we see them here in our beautiful Lakes district) who feel that they can do whatever they like, the world is made for them.
    Sorry to rave on a bit but I'm so in agreeance with you about the behaviour of some people. Thank goodness they're in the minority! lol, definitely time for our morning coffee - yum :D)
    Have a really lovely rest of your weekend Debbie and thank you again for your beautiful photos 💖

  12. The Black Skimmers are beautiful, yet a little comical with that black pulled down over the eyes.

  13. You got some great pictures of them, I am laughing over that one that is angry with the one that got the fish!! ha ha LOL!! Their beaks remind me of those big Macaw birds, the colorful ones. Hope you are having a great weekend! We're on hurricane watch down here.

  14. Great photos!
    I live too far inland to see birds like these.
    Have a wonderful week!

  15. Skimmers are fascinating birds ... I just love to see them. (Only in Florida not here in Oregon, of course .). Sorry about the inconsiderate visitors. What is wrong with people?

  16. So sad about the rubbish/trash on the beach … but loved seeing all of these wonderful bird photographs, not a bird I know.

    All the best Jan

  17. Wow, you got some great photos of these birds. It is so sad about the trash problem. I love that you captured some unique ones with the fish catch and etc. Birds do have a personality.
    Blessings and hugs!