Saturday, November 18, 2017

Saturday Critters ~ 205 ~

Fill the feeders, fill the bird bath, put out peanuts...
and believe me - they will come.

Male Cardinal


Female House Finch

Robin Red Breast with a berry

Blue Jay
Filled with peanuts - he inhales one more before taking off.

Female Red Bellied Woodpecker
She was checking each nut - pecking away - to be sure and select the best one.
She does come close to the house and does not mind that I am hanging out the window.

This is a Yellow Rumped Warbler in his Winter wear.
I am including this "not so great" image because I have not seen them all summer,
they migrate and have arrived here for Winter.

I love the birds that visit my yard, I know their calls, patterns and habits.
Watching and interacting with them brings me so much joy.
Birding can be a life long hobby...
you don't need anyone or any special tools to enjoy it.
I have been watching the birds since I was a young girl...
when my Aunt Dot helped me to discover my love for birds.

Birdwatching - a lifetime ticket to the theater called nature!
Bring some joy in to your life...
Watch the Birds!

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  1. Gorgeous. Love the red Cardinal!

  2. Fantastic shots of the cutest birds ever from your front row theater seat!

  3. you have a wonderful variety visiting you! I just put the bird feeder back out at Away - and am watching my first chickadee return. We can't have the feeders out during the warmer months because of visits from our neighborhood bear. Much like your Aunt Dot, my grandfather introduced me to birds.

  4. I have discovered this joy recently muself, Debbie. You were such a lucky child! Great photos.

  5. Wow, what a great collection of bird! Lucky you, Debbie.

  6. Your pictures are fantastic but then you have some pretty amazing specimens.

  7. What wonderful bird photos! The Chickadee is my favorite bird, I see them around here but find them very hard to capture with the camera so I really enjoyed your photo of one.

  8. Those beautiful critters just keep stopping by your window to say hi...I love it.

  9. You are so lucky to have the perfect window set-up, to watch and to photograph them.

    Did your husband have this in mind, when he built your home? Or did it just 'evolve'?

    We don't have any windows, downstairs, close to trees. Close to their natural habitat.

    Again... Lucky! And you appreciate it!

    Luna Crone

  10. Your birds are beautiful, and you are such a great photographer, Debbie.


  11. Hello Debbie, these are all wonderful yard birds. Great photos too. I wish I saw the Yellow-rumped Warbler here. I like feeding the birds too, they do bring joy. Thank you so much for linking up and for your nice comment and visit. It is raining here today too. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend.

  12. I do so enjoy watching the birds, you have some lovely pics there and the last one you said wasn't so good, well I don't see anything that doesn't look good! Love the shot of the bird with the berry and the blue jay filling up on the nuts!

  13. My favorite is the robin with a berry, but all of these shots are fantastic!

  14. Amazing shots of so many different birds. Well done.

  15. Bird watching is a wonderful pastime.That poor Blue Jay looks like he is about to choke.I know they always like to take as many peanuts as they possibly can.

  16. Never cease to be amazed at how clear your bird pictures are!

  17. Gorgeous photos! The cardinal is quite the looker! I'm amazed that the Jays don't choke themselves with the stuff they gobble up.

  18. Great shots- I love watching the birds, but I can't put out feeders. The starlings will come en masse and eat the entire feeder up in one or two sittings. I finally gave up!

  19. I am finding I have no ambition today & I should be out birding. Instead I tought I'd go out in search of those fine feathered beauties with YOU! Thanks for letting me and all at I'd Rather B Birdin' tag along.

  20. How wonderful with excellent photos, especially that first one.

  21. Wow, maybe I will have some time or take some time to do more bird watching. I still didn't get my birdhouse this year and or the bird bath. This is a must have for me next year. I love how you share your photos of birds; nature at it's finest.
    Today's photos were stunning and I love the varied colors of the different birds. They are all so unique. I think my favorite was the Robin in the pines with the berry. Thanks for sharing these great shots. Blessings and hugs!

  22. You have some amazing birds come to visit. Such vibrant colours!!!
    Have a wonderful week :)

  23. They do, and you have great luck with them too!

  24. 'Birdwatching - a lifetime ticket to the theater called nature!'

    Great words and great photo's.

    All the best Jan

  25. I am a newbie to your blog - came over from Saturday's Critters. Your close-ups are amazing - to see the intricate detail on each bird is a treasure. Have a lovely week!