Friday, August 18, 2017

Summer Suppers...

Do you eat "different" during the summer?? 
We do...
We eat lighter and brighter, lot's of salads and vegetables from the garden.
We eat hot dogs and BLT's, pasta salad, potato salad and deviled eggs.

I have not made potato salad in some time and for the first time ever, I used a recipe.
- weird right - 
I use to throw the same ole' stuff in a bowl,
I never measured anything...and it always came out great.
But because I have not made it in some time, and I wanted it to come out really good,
because the hubs has been asking for it, I used a recipe.

Here's the recipe I used...
The only change I made was to omit the relish.

- Ingredients -

- I used 5 Red Skin Potatoes, Peeled -

- I always dice the potatoes first, place in to cold, salted, water, bring the water to a boil,
and cook for exactly 7 minutes after it comes to a boil.
I cooked a few extra eggs to make deviled eggs -

- Don't the ingredients look pretty this way -

- Mix it up -

- Potatoes on top -

- One last toss and yer done -

I make my deviled eggs with mayonnaise, a small dash of mustard, and bacon.

We picked the first cucumber from the garden,

mixed with tomato and poppy seed dressing, it was delish!

and by the way, could that bowl be any cuter?


  1. Potato salad is a treat. We do a similar tomato-cuc dish but with Italian dressing and some red onion. I don't actually love it as I am not much of a cuc fan.

  2. I love deviled eggs...don't leave out the Tabasco

  3. Hello, your potato salad look delicious. I love the deviled eggs too. YUM! I can eat cucumbers but, the tomatoes and poppy seed dressing sound delish. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

  4. That potato salad looks so good!

  5. I've never combined potato salad ingredients that way either, Debbie. I will try it.

    Such a great result from your garden. You are the most successful container gardener I have ever seen.

  6. It's only 10am and you are making me hungry!!!!!! It all looks sooooooo gooooood.

    Yes, it's "all about" the fresh foods available, in summer, isn't it???

    You show delightful finished meals. And you show them, in progress, looking just as delightful. So much patience! For fixing things, to make a great photo op. Congratulation of so doing!!!!!! I'd not have the patience. PLUS! My kitchen would never remain so clean looking. :-))))))

    Love how each family, has its preferred 'salad dressing.' Here, I must have Miracle Whip!!!! In your house, it is Hellmann's. My husband likes both, but defers to my Miracle Whip "need." ,-)

    Oh yes, deviled eggs need a bit of "red" on top. I didn't do that. Here, it would be a little sprinkle of Paprika. And maybe that is where the name (Deviled Eggs) comes from.... That bit of RED, sprinkled on the top.

    And I see, you cook with gas. Oh yes!!!!!!!! We once had electric and did not like it. Love gas!!!!!! :-)

    Luna Crone

  7. I want to come eat at your house! all looks yummy.

  8. Your food always looks so good! I haven't made potato salad in quite a while, and YES Hellman's. That, of course, started with our mom. I was over at my brother's house a while back, and as we were eating he asked my sis-in-law what kind of mayo it was. He told her 'please buy Hellman's'. LOL

    I've started using the Hellman's with olive oil and love it.

    I love you, Debbie.

  9. We also have tend to eat differently in the summer. Much more relaxed and lots of fruit. Everything you made looks outstanding. You're making me hungry!!

  10. Love me some potato salad! My mom's is the best I've ever had even to this day and she normally doesn't use a recipe, either. This looks really good as does the cucumber and tomato!

  11. Down here we use DUKES mayonnaise. I love love love "tater" salad and yours looks delicious my friend!! So do your eggs!!--- so pretty!-- mine are always sloppy but they do taste good! Ha ha ha lol

  12. Ps-- i have never used A reciPe for potato salad-- i just toss the ingredients in as i gO--- LOL i use "taters" Dukes a little mustard. Diced onion and the eggs. Hardly ever use celery but ive had it that way and its good as well

  13. All looks delicious! Yes, we definitely eat differently in the summer, especially when it's fresh veggie season!

  14. We eat that way most days most of the year nowadays, because .... Florida in the winter!

  15. That looks like an easy recipe and my hubby has been asking for me to make it also, he has bought some from our deli but would like me to make it, thanks for sharing the recipe, I am not really a big lover of potato salad, guess I don't like my potatoes cold :) We do a lot of grilling in the summer that's for sure :)

  16. Exquisito menú. Me encanta.

  17. This looks delicious, Debbie, and so perfect for summer.
    During the summer, I absolutely live on salads.
    And of course a "little" ice cream here and there. :-)

  18. That is an adorable bowl for sure. Thanks for your tutorial photos of making potato salad with instructions. I loved it. We just made some potato salad the other day and it is similar to yours. It is one of my favorite summer dishes. We do eat different in the summer. I some yummy favorite salads.
    Blessings and hugs!

  19. We DO eat differently. Except, today, I have a pork tenderloin in the oven!

  20. Everything looks good Debbie, and the dish is pretty.

  21. You just can't beat summer salads!

    All the best Jan

  22. We do a lot of grilling in the summer that's for sure :)