Saturday, August 12, 2017

Saturday Critters ~ 191 ~

The hubs was outside watering the vegetable garden,
when he noticed a 
Sulfur Butterfly 
tangled up in a cobweb.
Poor thing, I think we all know what that feels like,
- Yuck -
He was able to free the butterfly but he didn't fly off of his hand...
so he brought him inside for me to see.

oooooh how fun, I have gifted Chuck with an abundant love for nature!

We snapped a few images...

and then Mr. Sulfur man gladly hopped on to a stick we had in the house for the caterpillars.
Doesn't everyone keep sticks in their house??

I brought him over to the hydrangeas I have in a vase, indoors...
then we set him free!

These are the references I use for Butterfly information and google of course.
That bookmark was inside a card that Mike bought for me,
he buys the best cards and he always buys me two!

And can we all agree on just one thing, Chuck needs a manicure...
- hehehehe -

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  1. Way to go! Another round of awesome photos!

  2. He is the Resuer of Butterflies!

  3. Summer is the time of butterflies. I love these beautiful insects.
    Your photos are perfect.
    Happy weekend, Debbie.
    Greetings from Poland.

  4. Lucky little butterfly and sweet photos :)

  5. I love watching butterflies as they float through the air doing to and from. Great photos Debbie.

  6. So kind of Chuck!!!!

    What a lovely little visitor, for a while, as he relaxed and got his strength back.

    Mmmmm, I'd much rather see, the hands, of a man who USES his hands.... Than the manicured hands of a Metrosexual!
    So there!!!! ,-)))

  7. There is nothing so precious as a tender heart.

  8. How about that? So cool!

    I can tell you right now, Chuck doesn't need a manicure as badly as I do. :)


  9. 🙂 such a great post, Debbie! You both are butterfly whisperers.

  10. Hello, pretty captures of the butterfly. So nice of your Chuck to rescue it from the cobweb. You both are wonderful nature lovers, you find beauty everywhere. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

  11. I have a stick in my house. In fact it is a branch off a tree and it's in the corner of my living room with a birds nest nestled in its branches. I don't find that unusual at all. LOL

  12. Well done Chuck! I love that shot against the pink hydrangea!
    Sweet card too!

  13. You have him trained good for a great eye for seeing good picture taking ideas :) That is so nice that it was so cooperative for taking pictures, he must have been so thankful for being set free from the web! So pretty with your flowers too :)

  14. How fun is that! I've never held a butterfly!

  15. Nice chance for a very close look at a Sulphur!

  16. Hi there Debbie, these are great pictures! Glad you enjoyed the mermaid post. They have a travel team of the mermaids---do y'all have an aquarium nearby?--you could check their schedule for upcoming events and see if they are coming anywhere near you next spring and yes, I am surely sure that your little great nieces would love the performances!!--they are pretty mesmerizing to watch!! Best place to see them though, is in their "native habitat"---in their own spring in Weeki Wachee, florida. All the shows there are amazing. We've been going once a year and we love it.

  17. How neat of you guys to save the butterfly.

  18. There probably aren't many insects who get rescued from spider webs. Nicely done and great photos! Those are simply working man hands.

  19. Absolutely beautiful! Your hydrangeas are the prettiest I've ever seen!
    Thank you for your very kind comment on my blog yesterday. I have missed you.

  20. It looks like what we would call a cabbage white and they are very difficult to photograph as they never seem to stay still for 2 seconds. Lovely photos of your rescued butterfly Debbie and I adore the one of the butterfly and your pink hydrangea!!
    Have a wonderful Sunday :)

  21. What a sweet encounter with this sulfur. Great shots!

  22. Hello Debbie!:) Rescuing a helpless insect in trouble, is a rewarding experience, with the bonus of some beautiful photos. You make a good team!:)

  23. How caring of your Chuck to do that. Beautiful photos - a happy butterfly too :D) xx
    I love the bookmark from Mike, can imagine how you treasure it.

  24. I love that your hubby cares for nature. The photos of the sulfur Butterfly are awesome. I think it was a very loving thing to rescue this butterfly and bring it in for you to see. Hugs for him!
    I think your Mike is the best for getting you something sweet like the butterfly book mark; so thoughtful.
    Hugs for this one!

  25. Such pretty pictures of the butterfly, pleased that the hubs was able to rescue it.

    All the best Jan