Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Winter, Winter, "Picnic Dinner"!!

With all this cold and snow...which I seriously love,
(don't tell anybody),
I have been longing for a picnic in the park, with the hubs.
I have, it's true...we do it all the time,
and it's one of the fun-est things we do together.

It always starts with a ride on our bikes,
mine has a big huge basket on the front to carry our picnic
food and supplies.
We pick our "spot", tree selection is imperative,
it must have the perfect blend of 
sun and shade.

Once our beautiful picnic blanket is in place, 
we share our picnic with the ants, whom I might add are not invited,
but never fail to join us!

So in order to have a "winter" picnic...
the other day, I prepared all our favorite picnic foods.
And for the first time ever,
we had a winter picnic, indoors, no ants attended!

Pasta Salad, Snowflake Crackers, Chicken Salad and
Deviled Eggs with Bacon
I should have used paper plates for the picnic :)
next time!

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  1. Your positive thoughts would have helped me get through this extremely cold winter.

  2. Good Morning, Debbie. what a great idea to have a picnic inside.. And your meal looks yummy.. My hubby made bbq chicken and potato salad yesterday, almost a picnic meal too. Have a happy day!

  3. That looks like fun! Sometimes we have an indoor picnic too! And I made chicken salad just last night for today's lunch.

  4. Love your indoor picnic idea! I can't wait to picnic outside, and I agree that tree selection is a crucial element of a perfect picnic. Have a great day!

  5. Clever title! Very sneaky way to avoid ants too! Such cool, picnic fun.

  6. Looks yummy and I love how the food looks on those plates!

  7. we have the weather for a picnic but the pollen is so thick you can hardly breathe outside. I'm pretty much staying in until the end of the month. The sky is orange from the pollen. Oh, I itch just thinking about it.

  8. Yum....yummy....this really looks good.
    I am doing an inside picnic for Cuisine Kathleen's annual St. Pat's Day....you should join us...Mar.17..

  9. That is just downright awesome! I love how you guys have fun. :)


  10. you're so cute. :) and a great title, my dear!

  11. Aren't you the clever one! It should be warm enough for outdoor eating this week, but don't sit on the ground!

  12. Oh that sounds like such fun and it looks so delicious...my kind of picnic food! :)

  13. Hehe ants didn't expect an early summer picnic. :)

    Oh and the food looks really good. Must be delicious...all of them.

  14. What a lovely picnic, thanks for taking us along. Your hubs got the best wife never a dull day.

    1. awwwww, thanks for saying that. we are a really good team and we enjoy doing the same things!! well that's not really true. i say to him all the time, you pick something to do today and he always says the same thing "i want to do what you want to do because i love watching you enjoy life!!!!"

  15. Hello Debbie!:) Everything looks delicious, nicely displayed too. It's making me hungry just looking at those Deviled Eggs!:)

  16. You are always giving me good ideas of things to do with my hubby! I have a basket on my bike and the park is right behind our hours, so why not? Your picnic looks so yummy!!! Never thought to put bacon bits on top of deviled eggs. Another great idea. :)

  17. Oh what a lovely picnic! We love picnics too. In the winter we sometimes have car picnics. Looking forward to our first one in the warmer weather :) sitting on a blanket with a pretty view.

  18. Yummy! It won't be long before you two can head out to the park and have a sunny day picnic!!

  19. What a great idea this is, Debbie, and one I've truly never thought of!
    Thank you!!! :-)

  20. What a great way to make winter not seem so long.

  21. Boy, that's pretty good food for a picnic!

  22. cute to have a picnic inside, can't wait for spring to come

  23. I love winter picnics. We often have them with our granddaughter in front of the fireplace.

  24. Well, if this isn't just the cutest idea! My son would LOVE having a picnic indoors since he is like you and is a picnic lover :) I think maybe we'll do this over the weekend - thanks for the inspiration, Debbie, and thanks for sharing with ROI. Hugs!

  25. Yes, just bring the fun indoors! That plate of food looks soooooo good. :-)