Sunday, March 1, 2015

I Make Things With Strings...

strings of yarn that is...

Last Sunday I had another knitting class, with Leanne,
who is the most amazing teacher, ever.
I love to knit with her because she explains
things as a beginner.
Even though she is an expert, she knows how a beginner thinks,
and she doesn't over complicate things.
Plus...when I make a mistake, she just fixes it...
right there, just like that,
now how awesome is that!!!

The class I am taking now is fingerless gloves.

 We work play in the "Coop"...this is my spot...

 here is a close up of what I finished today, the cuff of a fingerless glove.

 Here's what the "Coop" looks like inside.

 They sell yarn, Alpaca socks, 

 and lot's of handcrafted hats and accessories.

 I just adore the warm, cozy, old world feel of this place.

Here's Chase, our little money man!!!

My next class is today, I am probably knitting as you are reading!


  1. That looks like so much fun. Little man is adorable! You have captured the feel of the place beautifully.

  2. Hi Debbie, looks like a wonderful place for your lesson..I am looking forward to seeing your finished gloves.. And the little money man is so cute! Have a happy Sunday!

  3. I am so jealous. I love to knit but had to give it up because of arthritis. So, go for it, girl. Enjoy and keep creating those wonderful, beautiful pieces of art/clothing.

  4. So nice to learn new skills for a hobby.

  5. You're fortunate to have found such a good teacher! It's a gift and not everyone has it.

  6. i love that you love it so... :)

  7. I would like spending my day there too, It looks like such a nice place and I think I would love to work with Alpaca. I can't wait to see how your gloves come along.
    Have a lovely day Debbie.

  8. I admire people who are skillful and enjoy doing this. All I can do is admire coz I know I can't.

  9. Chase is just adorable! What a wonder life, sounds like such a blast!

  10. I like that place! It looks so inviting!

  11. This place is amazing! Sounds like great fun. I would love this.

  12. You're a natural, and I'm so glad you discovered knitting as such a great pastime! Love seeing the 'coop!'

  13. I have so loved watching you on this adventure, Debbie, and I still do.
    A friend gifted me a pair of fingerless gloves last year, and that are wonderful, especially when you want to be using a camera when it is so cold outside.

  14. Those are some great photos, I know my grandma loved to knit; I would imagine it must be not only fun but, very relaxing as well.

    My wife on the other hand, loves to crochet, for she says it's one of her ways that she meditates. She actually crocheted curtains for the windows in our home we recently moved to.

  15. Very cozy place you work in! Love the color yarn you've chosen to make your gloves!

  16. This kind of thing takes me back to when my mom and my grandma used to take classes for making things like that. I used to admire all the stuff they made. They always ended up making stuff for everyone.

  17. I wonder if you could stitch me a couple muzzles. My Rottweiler is teaching our puppy how to bark. They have become great play buddies. Unfortunately Rotts our very mouthy. Teaching Sissy bad habits.

  18. What a lovely place to learn to knit! Good luck to you!