Monday, March 23, 2015

It's What We Do...

I decided to share a little bit of what the hubs and I "do".
As you all know, I am not the shy type,
I share it all, so here's a little peak into what the hubs and I "do"...
mostly the hubs, but I do help with the business end of things!!

I know you all think I am just a bundle of fun, crafts and cooking 
* smile *
but there's a lot more going on here than that.

We, the hubs, builds things...
and when I say "things", let me show you what I am talking about.

We own a 7 acre piece of property in Lakewood, NJ
This is the 5th building constructed and newest addition to that site.

 On October 6th, 2014, when he started,

this is how things looked.
You can see one of the other buildings in the background.

On October 8th, the structure started going up...

on October 16th, the trusses were set...

and the next day, it looked like this!!

Here we are on October 21st, it goes up fast.

Here's a peek inside, when they were pouring the concrete floors!!

Even though the outside is just about done, 
there is still lots to be done inside.
The sheetrock is done but fixtures, lighting and paint 
is still in the future.
A little more concrete work outside, some guardrails...
and the final touches inside.
We are probably about 4 - 6 weeks away from getting a 
Certificate of Occupancy.
Then the fun part comes, we rent these spaces to small businesses, 
twelve new tenants to add to the long list of tenants we already have.
Leases, insurance, maintenance, I'm the paperwork girl.

But I could not be prouder of the hubs,
he's such a hard worker, and the brains behind it all.


  1. Hi Debbie Many thanks for sharing what you and your husband get up to. I am sure he is very glad you do all the paper work and of course record everything on camera. Wonderful looking buildings.

  2. Nice photographic chronicle of the events. You hooked up with the right guy.

  3. Your title says it all....What WE do.
    Yous guys make such great team in so many ways.

  4. Wow, you both surely keep busy with major projects. Kudos!

  5. Looks like a very good building! Interesting to learn more about you and your husband! Sounds like a good job you have!

  6. Very impressive! It's interesting how we read blogs but rarely find out more about bloggers' lives except for what they choose to share. Thanks for sharing; now I know you a little bit better!

  7. Very cool - I'm the paper work girl too!! (as you know) I always love seeing the construction in progress photos!!

  8. Hi Debbie, you and the hubs do keep busy! Thanks for sharing this part of your life! Enjoy your day and the week ahead!

  9. two are a great team.

  10. You must be very, very busy! It sounds quite complicated to me. ;)

  11. Creating things isn't something all of us can do. Takes a lot of nerve and insight to create. Kudos

  12. you're both necessary to make this work. great partnership all the way around. :)

  13. Wow Debbie that is so impressive. Lovely buildings too. I think you must work all of the time.
    So glad you shared, I have always wondered.

  14. You and your hubs make a great team! Now I'm wondering how you find the time to knit and take pictures! :)

  15. I agree, you and your hubs make a fabulous team :) I loved learning more about you. Hugs!

  16. Oh I like this hands on operation, excellent photo taking of each essential moment in the life of this grand old girl! Fabulous fun, and much luck to all those moving in!

  17. Wow! Excellent! A great way to keep the yarn flowing in, too! :-)

  18. The old saying is behide every successful man is a good women, wife. This is an excellent business, office space. I so agree with Furry Gnome comment. I also work for the family business since 1975 in fire & safety. Happy for you Debbie & your husband.

    1. it's all we know. we met in a burger joint when we were 15, the hubs was my boss. married at 19, he liked to build things, i was a nurse. i always wanted to be involved and help, so i gave up nursing and the rest is history. an awesome history!!!!!!

  19. ~Wow~

    You guys? Smart! Funny! Fun! I love seeing other sides to you both. How inspiring. :)

  20. Your husband is Bob the Builder! He's very talented, and I know you are very proud of him!

  21. I had no idea what he does. I remember moving our little business into a building like that. There were only two on that property. I didn't know what went in to building them. Thanks for sharing.

  22. This was neat. I loved learning more about you and the "hub."

  23. Nice Debbie! That's great that you guys get to work together!