Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Lucy I'm Home...

Funny story...
The hubs was out and about today, doing errands without me!
This happens about once a month, otherwise, we are glued at the hip!

He said he was going to stop at Costco, our big box store,
to check their price on chlorine.
We have plenty of chlorine, this was just a stop, to check the price. 

When he arrived home he opened the door and called
"Lucy, I'm home"

I've heard this before and it always means trouble.

When I greeted him at the door, he handed me this.

Two huge sacks of candy kisses, I don't eat candy kisses,
Veggie Straws, no idea here, I can only assume there were free samples,
and a cake that would feed the neighborhood!

There's a reason why we run errands together.
Any money we would have saved on chlorine,
well...I think you get my drift!!


  1. Hahahahahaha! I'll be right over (with 20 of my closest friends) for a bite of cake. You can leave the veggie straws (???) in the cupboard! Did he even make it to the chlorine aisle? Those stores (and husbands) are a bad combination. They shop like we're all still feeding growing kids and the neighborhood!

  2. LOL! dontcha wish halloween was next week? :)

  3. You and I have the same hubby - I hate big boxes of things - lol. sandie

  4. you just made me feel better proves my husband is no different ! yeah the same reason why we shop together !

    you will like the veggie straws, I had that !


  5. Oh my -- and I thought my hubby was bad. I think they lose their minds right after they walk through the doors... of Costco, Walmart, etc... :)

  6. Oh, Husbands and shopping...oh not good....unless they bring home diamonds. Bonnie

  7. I would get myself, and my wallet, into MAJOR trouble if I ever set foot in a Costco! Bon Appetit!

  8. The moral of the story is
    unless it's to buy you jewelry.


  9. Oh my gosh that is so funny. I love the Lucy call too. That is so cute.

  10. I know just what you mean!!

  11. TOOOO Toooo funny!!!....sooo... are you having the neighbours over??

  12. I've never seen such a big bag of Kisses ... it's probably a good thing!

  13. Well Lucy, now you have plenty of kisses to share.
    My hubs does the same thing, temptation always wins.

  14. This was a hoot! I love seeing what guys buy when left on their own. Guess Chuck had a sweet tooth that day.

  15. Well, it was instead of flowers , I guess ;) At least he did it for YOU! (?) :D

  16. That is so funny. You just made my day making me laugh like a dummy. If someone was here home with me they would think I'm nuts because I laughed so hard. Why do men do that? The kisses would not last here with me for a week and the cake well, the same thing. Love chocolate.
    TFS and for the laugh. Still working on getting my mojo back.

  17. Too funny! It's always interesting when a man goes shopping alone. Well - to anywhere but the hardware store.

    Oh, and those Veggie Straws are addictive!

  18. I have just the place for those candy kisses, and it's not YOUR house!!! :-)
    What a sweetheart he is!

  19. Veggie straws are our favorite! I buy the big bag then break them down into ziplock bags so they don't go bad and then carry a bag with us everywhere we go in the summer.

  20. Made me laugh. If you could see some of the things my husband brings home, you would consider yourself very lucky. lol.

  21. hahaha...OMG Debbie!! Sounds like someone had a lot of 'splainin' to do! That made me laugh so hard!
    I tried ONCE to give the mister a shopping list but he came home with stuff not on it and without the stuff that was on it. I suspect he accidentally picked up someone else's list!
    Costco is a very dangerous place for men even when they are with us! (I do love veggie straws though - you can eat far more for fewer calories!*lol*)

    Love your squirrel photos..he is a sweety for sure and your photos are so awesome!

  22. OMG -- better stay glued to that guy, at least if he's going to Costco. (I hate big box stores!)

  23. Awe... that's cute! I do all the shopping here... and just cringe when I hear RB walk through the door with shopping bags!

    P.S... thank you for being #2 for referring sites of all time! Your continued support means so much!