Monday, May 7, 2012

Barn Charm #35

Howell, New Jersey

Please note the electric fence sign...
ummm, someone must have called ahead
 and told them I was coming.

Don't miss the white horse peaking out,
this fellow was completely uninterested in my antics.

Since it's not really a barn barn,
I'll share some of the farm animals that were crammed
on this tiny farm.

First we saw these beautiful Roosters on the side of the road.

There were lot's of adorable sheep

and two pretty horses that finally made an appearance,
 just as I was leaving!!

I am sharing this pathetic barn with Tricia's Barn Charm
because it's the only one I have,
and I just want to be part of Barn Charm!!

Thanks Tricia!!

Instead of leaving a comment for me,
could you please leave a comment for the hubs...
Ask him to take me for a ride, so I can find some real barns!!

He reads the blog, every day!! I always remind him to!!


Angie said...

Nothing pathetic about it! I LOVE the pic of the sheep!!!

Andee said...

To Debbie's Hub,
18th Ave Wall Township
Tilton Corner Road Wall Township
Not a far drive and some fun barns :)

TexWisGirl said...

oh, you are pathetic!!! chuck, give the woman a barn outing, would you!? :)

Amy Burzese said...

Love the sheep and those colorful chickens/roosters.

Dear Debbie's Hubby
Don't you know life is better when she gets some barn charm attention!

Elizabeth Edwards said...

hey, i think it is just to cute. i'm glad you shared this barn. perfect in it's own way. love all the animals you caught in their environment. so great!! i love the horse peeking around the corner. makes me giggle!! (:

EG CameraGirl said...

I love all the animals. The rooster is one handsome dude!

Karen @ Pieces of Contentment said...

Gorgeous photos, especially # 2 and 3!

Adrienne said...

Rooster pic is AMAZING! Who knew roosters were so colorful...not me. I'm just saying. AND there's this thing called Mother's Day on the calendar this I think the least a man could do for the woman who birthed him some babies is to take her on SEVERAL drives through the countryside to go barn hunting. I mean...this is a woman who could be collecting diamonds instead of flip flops...she could want expensive furs (hahahaha) instead of practically free trips over the rivers and through the woods. So, hubby....I KNOW that you will come through for her - cause from what I can tell, you're an awesome guy! Enjoy!

Jill said...

These are wonderful, Debbie! Just love all of them.

Hey Chuck! I've said it once and I'll say it again... ROAD TRIP! :)

A Colorful World said...

No, it's a great barn! And that's a beautiful rooster, adorable sheep and lovely horses! Loved the post!

Farm Girl said...

Well I liked this barn.
Okay Debbie, here it is,
Dear Chuck,
Debbie is feeling a need for a drive in the country to look at barns. I know she will be good and won't trespass. Or if she does it will be only for nice people. Who won't yell or let them see a gun or anything like that. I am hoping you are feeling like a trip. I think there are lot of barns in Michigan.
Thank you,

Gillian Olson said...

Great little place, I look the variety of animals.

Anonymous said...

Dear Debbie's hub, please take her to search for barns. It's an addiction! We must get our barn fix! please....????

Debbie, I love your photos of the sweet little "barn". The rooster is beautiful, and sheep and horses always make great pics!

Scrappy Pink Corner said...

Dear Hub's,
Please take Debbie out to find some barns. It will be greatly appreciated, not only by her but by us followers that will miss not seeing the pictures on Barn Charm day.
Thank you, Ana

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

That is the cutest sheep!

Nancy said...

Loving this post, Debbie! At least you weren't met with a shotgun. Lol.

And Chuck -- please take Debbie out for a ride -- to the country -- to take more photos.

And don't forget to bring her back! We would miss her. :)

Latane Barton said...

I love your 'barn' pictures. What would a farm be without chickens and horses etc. Hubby, you take that girl for a ride, huh? Please. We want to see some more pictures.

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

Mmmmmmmmmm, inquiring minds want to know.


Did you test it, anyway? -gigggles-

Brian King said...

Sounds like a road trip is in order! I like the barn and if there was such a thing as Rooster Charm, your shot would fit perfectly...that's beautiful!

Cheryl @ TFD said...

What stands out to me in this set of pics is that gorgeous rooster! He's a beauty!

C'mon, Chuck! Be a sport and take Debbie barn hunting!

Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Ah now, it ain't pathetic... I rather liked the dark wood of it! Ya know I was laughin out loud at the sign comment, literally LOL! =)

Come on, Deb's hubs, won't you pwitty pwitty pweeeeze take Debs for a barn huntin drive? you know you wanna get outa the house for a bit... it'll be fun, how can it not be w/ her? The doc calls for a road trip, good for ails ya! =)

Thanks for joinin =)

Anonymous said...

LoL at Amy B's letter to the hubs! LoL! =)

NancyHoho said...

Dear Chuck, I especially love the sheep. Drive safely & slowly at all times!!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful pictures! Definitely we need hubby to take you for a ride to find some proper barns. :-)

barbara l. hale said...

That's one handsome rooster! He must have all the chickens running after him. And I love the pic of the sheep. Really nice post!

Deanna said...

Hey hubs, it is time to road trip! Barn hunting has become one of our favorite activities. We've traveled country roads we previous didn't know exist!

Your barn is not pathetic. It comes with life!

LeAnn said...

Hubby, you must take your sweetheart for a ride to find some unique barns. I love her barn posts. This was especially nice. The picture of that rooster was so beautiful and the other animals too. The Barn reminded me of my Uncle's farm. I would say the pictures are magazine worthy.

Rose said...

That rooster is sure a handsome fellow...and you have such a wonderful series of photos this time!

Janet said...

Holy Moly is that not an amazingly beautiful rooster!! Wow!

Love your great blue mister is getting pretty good at that highway spin around thing too!

Saun said...

Love the sheep and the rooster.