Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mothers Day Memories!!

I made breakfast for my mom,

I used the good china, that my mom gave me when I got married.

Breakfast turned out really yummy.
Bacon and eggs on flattened crescent rolls,
hash browns with extra onions on the side, that was the best part.

I had dinner with my son Mike, his girl Alisa and Alisa's mom.
I am growing very fond of Alisa,
she follows the blog, now how adorable is that!!

We had dinner in a cute restaurant in Ocean Grove, Seagrass.
I had a lobster blt that was amazing but with all that breakfast,
I just couldn't finish it!!

We ended with ice cream at Nagels, and some quiet time at home.
I had a great day but I miss my oldest son Scott.
I miss you Scott, please come see me!!


  1. alisa is a sweetie (and her mom's a beauty, too). glad ALL of you had a good day!

  2. Sounds like an *almost* perfect day! It's so hard to miss our kids...I hope you get a visit soon!! I could use some yummy ice cream right about now...since you mentioned it!

  3. Oh my gosh, you can sure tell you are mother and daughter. What a beautiful breakfast! Wish I had thought of that for my Mom! And it looks so yummy! I wanna live at your house so you can cook for me:))

  4. Sounds like a wonderful day. You have a beautiful family. Take care of yourself. Bonnie

  5. Oh what fun. I love the picture of you with your Mom. What a fun breakfast idea. Tiny made me bread with oreos and fruit loops. You did a much better job for your mother. I hope you are feeling well and I'm glad to see you had a wonderful mother's day.

  6. sounds like a wonderful day!! Breakfast looked sooo yummy!!

    I heard you had problems getting on my blog? hmmm I noticed fewer are I don't know...guess I take a deeper look at my settings.

  7. Yum that breakfast looks delicious and I love that picture of you and your mum. I was thinking that your Mike looks very like Chuck.
    Sounds like a lovely fun filled day. :))

  8. That's awesome! I'm glad you got to spend time with your mother and family!

  9. Fantastic day for every mum. I am greeting

  10. What a great day for all of you. A fabulous breakfast for your Mum - she looks lovely Debbie.
    Beaut Mothers Day Memories :D)

  11. You and your Mom look wonderful. Mike looks very happy. I'm glad you had a nice lunch out after making that fantastic breakfast!

  12. Lovely that you were able to spend the day with all of your best girls -- and at least one son! Life is good for Debbie! :)

  13. Glad you have a wonderful time with the generations. Where's that Scott.. get home, you mother needs to give you a hug!! I'm the happiest when all my 'chicks' are under one roof, doesn't happen very often!!! ((frown))

  14. Sounds like a wonderful Mother's Day! (beautiful set up for Mom.) How wondergul that you are by the shore. I miss the beach. Thank you for your sweet comments on The Messy Nest. :)


  15. It looks like a lovely day and that breakfast looks wonderful.
    Your Mom looks really good. I hope she is doing better.
    I am so glad you had a wonderful day.

  16. Finally was able to get in here and leave a comment. But like they say better late than never.

    I am so glad you had a great mothers day. I know how you feel about missing your son, I too was able to spend time with my oldest but my youngest lives in Orlando with her dad since she attends college there. I was going to drive over there this weekend because she is leaving on sunday to a mission trip, but I will leave it for when she get s back in 8 weeks.
    The breakfast you made looked really yummy. I showed it to my husband thinking at first it was a pizza. Looks just like a pizza.
    TFS. Ana

  17. Looks like a very special day for all of you.

    Love the quality of your photos.

  18. Very sweet pictures of a wonderful Mother's day. I love your china. I have my mom's china too. A little sad that she is no longer here; I miss her like crazy. Enjoy the moments with your mom.

  19. I loved that you served your Mom breakfast in style on Mother's Day! Wonderful photos Debbie and happy to see you had such an awesome Mother's Day!