Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Valentines Day

I love Valentine's Day!!
I know it's a little bit corny but I still love it!!

If you haven't met in the past,
please say hello to the ornament tree!!

I am a nut job when it comes to decorating for the holidays,
Valentines Day is no different!!

There is more...
but I will spare you, because I love you
and I don't want to chase you away!!


  1. More! More! You could never chase me away. I love seeing your decorations. Love your tree.

    And Valentine's Day isn't corny at all! I think it's very special. One can never, ever have too much love!

  2. You can definately show me more of your decorations. What you have showed look lovely.
    I have a husband who just is NOT romantic i'm afraid. :((

  3. Really like your Love sign glad to see I'm not the only crazy person who has beanie babies that they set out.

  4. I thought I recognized the ornament tree from Christmas...
    It would be a lovely cat toy, in my house, even if the branches are not sturdy enough to climb on, and not bushy enough to pee on...
    I do no decorating any more - the kids aren't here, and working retail kills the holiday spirit in any case!

  5. jill can take my place. i'm running away now!!!

  6. Did you decorate for Valentines already? Wow, I just brought down the village this weekend (took us 12 and a half hours). I still have the big tree, but monday was a holiday and I went shopping, tuesday I cleaned and then my mom went to the hospital, and today I was organizing the scraproom and went to the hospital. I will not have time to bring it down until the weekend, so monday my valentines day tree will go up. I bought a white tree after going to 5 stores looking for one. I also bought lots of heart ornaments and lights and plan on making some of my own.
    Please show us more. I love to see peoples decorations.

  7. Hi Debbie, how cute I love your beanie tree! I have these sames beanies too. I have to show my hubby your post. He thinks I am crazy for keeping all my beanies. And all the Valentines beanies are so cute, perfect for your Valentines Decorations. Have a great week!

  8. We want to see MORE!! I used to decorate big time for Valentine's Day. Then I lost most of my decorations ( RATS!! Really!!) when they were stored away on an outdoor shed!
    You inspire me to try again!

  9. Beautiful decorations, I especially LOVE that tree! I'm totally with everyone else, show us more :)

    I love Valentines Day too. I absolutely don't think it's corny at all!

  10. Thanks, me and Valentines Day don't get along! BUT, it's all very, very pretty!

  11. Your tree is adorable Debbie! I love it.


  12. That's a cool looking tree! I haven't seen it or one like it before. I guess I don't get out much...LOL! I like your decoration too. I used to decorate for every holiday, but now so much now. I remember a great-aunt that lived alone and put up some kind of decoration for every holiday! I really admired her for that. She just loved life and always had a great smile...just like you!

  13. Valentine's Day is a great holiday. I don't blame you for decorating early.

    by the way, I gave you an award today!

  14. I do love that ornament tree! I've never decorated for Valentines day...might have to create a thing or two over here!!

  15. Well, I do have my Half-Birthday before then, but you can never have too much love!

  16. Oh...I love that tree!!!
    And I love "Valentines day"...come is not..."corny"! Is tender and sweet!!!
    Here in Portugal we do celebrate it too!!!

    Love this blog!
    Thank you!

  17. It's great that you appreciate Valentines. :-)

  18. Oh you just wait till Valentines Day is approaching. Pretty Blog Land will be awashhhhhhhhhhhhh in lots and lots and lots of Valentines. Of all kinds. You will be right-at-home. :-)

    "Animal crackers, and cocoa to drink,
    That is the finest of suppers, I think;
    When I'm grown up and can have what I please
    I think I shall always insist upon these."

    ~Christopher Morley

  19. I love your ornament tree..can't wait to see how you do the seasons

  20. Too late... (sound of running feet!)

    Just kidding -- love your tree. I think it's very sweet. :)