Saturday, January 7, 2012

Funny Story...

Yesterday, I dragged my mom to the beach. And when I say dragged,
I mean dragged!!

My mom usually loves the beach and when we got there,
she seemed happy.

She walked a little on the boards that are so familiar to her.
The boards that she has walked for nearly 35 years.

We saw this bench and paused for a moment.

Then this guy flew overhead and it was time to leave.

Mom got upset and I realized the seagull had "pooped" on her!!

It was a huge load and it was everywhere.
Now when I say everywhere, I mean everywhere!!

She said "Do you think that was your Dad, shitting on me"??
I said I did not think so...I'm not sure where she gets this stuff.

I cleaned her up and we headed to WalMart to pick up her prescription.

Half way there she looked over at me and said
"Is my hair sticking up, does it look okay??"

I said "ooooohhhhh mom, that is the least of your problems,
your hair is loaded with seagull poop"!!


  1. Your poor Mom, but my Mom said stuff like that too. Only hers was a crow. She came up with all kinds of doozies. I am glad you took her to the beach. I love that picture of the bench.

  2. the bench would have been too much... the seagull was meant to distract! :)

  3. Haha...I HATE seagulls! If they aren't poopin' on ya, they are dive bombing ya for your food!


  4. i say that seagulls are just flying squirrels ... yucky!! i don't like either of them. pretty pics. (:

  5. Oh Debbie, bless her heart. I am so sorry her trip to the beach ended so traumatically for her. The beach can be so healing. Hugs! Bonnie

  6. Bless her heart, sounds like she just had a rough day. Glad you took good care of her. Momma's are so precious!

  7. I got goosebumps when I saw that bench.

    Glad you, at least, found the humor in the pooping gull!

  8. I've heard that when a bird poops on you it means good luck. Not that I would like a bird doing its business on me...

    Good morning chuckle. Thanks for sharing the story and nice photos.

  9. Ew... Beautiful pics, though! As Cathy commented, I've heard that it's good luck for that to happen....?

    (love Theresa's comment)

  10. Even with the *poopie* ending, I'm glad you *dragged* her there.

    (Computer screen keeps going to black and we have to get a new cord later. No quote today. -sigh-)

  11. So glad you had some time with mom -- she sounds like a hoot. Now I know where you get it from! :)

  12. My husband wants to know where is the picture of your mom with the poop all over her. Gave us a good laugh this morning. I'm sure it help lighten the moment for you too. :)

  13. Don't you just love the snow fences? That was definitely "your" bench. Your poor Mom!

  14. Sigh. Poor thing! You get her up and out and then this...I will keep my fingers crossed that more and more outings are in the near future.

  15. I loved this one. I do feel bad for you sweet mom, but is a funny journal moment. I took care of my mom the last few momths of her life. One day she was watching an info commercial and wanted me to buy her some makeup; this was just a couple of weeks befor she passed away. She was 90 years old at the time. I loved that she wanted to look her best. Thanks for sharing tnis moment with your mother.

  16. Oh, Debbie, I just love your shot of the fence. It becons me to walk along it...maybe search for some treasures...what is that glass you collect?

    How lucky you are to be so near the shore.