Saturday, January 21, 2012

Don't Blink Or You'll Miss It!!

It snowed, can you see it??
If you squint hard and look in just the right spot, you can see it,

but it's melting already!!

This is me,
I had to get out early and wear "the boots"!!

Someone was here before me,
the "early bird" I suppose, I hope he got the worm!!

Pretty cool snow pattern on the front walk!!

Snow pretty...

Baby, it's cold outside...

but it still fills my heart with joy!!


  1. You did a good dusting of snow, didn't you?

    I love all the details of the ice and snow....and yes joy is good.....

    I hope you are having a fun and playful Saturday....

  2. Snow makes everything look so pretty and fresh doesn't it?
    Your pictures are lovely, the melted snow looks like little diamonds hanging off those leaves.

  3. Love to see the snow. Wish I was white overhere.
    Have a nice weekend

  4. Hi...
    so...You too have snow??? Eileen has snow...everyone has snow but me... It's cold out there (like the song...) But I DO NOT HAVE SNOW!!!

    it is so pretty!
    The photos are magnificent!
    Isabel (blueShell)

  5. I am waiting for some snow days. Today is cold, but tomorrow will be in the high 60's supposedly. Thank you for you sweet comment. I did report that you and another were unable to comment on my site. I still have no clue if anyone else is have problems as well.

  6. I'm so jealous- Send some of that snow to Kentucky please!!!

  7. I love the snow pattern on the walk. Looks like you got just enough to be pretty.

  8. Beautiful shots, love them!
    We have a little snow here too, but it has been melting and freezing so we have icy roads.
    Have a beautiful day.
    Greetings from Mette

  9. Pretty photos of ugly weather, what can I say ;) I love your "you" look, what a funny girl!

  10. Not much snow there, hu? But interesting Photo Ops!

    We got real snow. Not a lot. Nothing like we used to get. But this will stay awhile.

    "Childhood, catching
    our imagination when it
    is fresh and tender,
    never lets go of us."

    ~J.B. Priestley

  11. You are definitely lucky to atleast have this little bit of snow. The pattern is definitely cool. We never ever have had snow here in the sunshine state, well in Miami.
    Maybe one day before I go, we will have some.

  12. Happy you got your snow, Debbie. We are still waiting. :)

  13. Love the snow shots! Makes me feel cold. It was 78 degrees here today.

  14. So nice that you got snow, even if it is melting so fast it looks pretty on the trees.

  15. These are all so beautiful, just like you! You made me feel joy when I saw your snowwriting of joy! :)

  16. Hi Debbie, pretty photos of your snow. The snow pattern on the walk is neat and I love your JOY! I think we got a little more than you and then we got a freezing rain on top of the snow. It was really crunchy to walk on. Happy Sunday!!!

  17. Its the wee hours of Sunday morning, and I was blog surfing, and ended up here. And am I glad I did. I absolutely love your photography, you see the world differently than most, and I like that.

  18. Debbie, what a wonderful post :)

    I love the water droplets on your pine tree.

  19. I've been slightly obsessed with snow detail shots this pretty, and we've waited a long time this year! I loved the snow on the brown/dried hydrangea. I got my planter this week, so I'm gonna make me some inside flowers like you did!

  20. How beautiful! Those designs are cool!