Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Hershey......The Sweet Details!!!!!

Chuck and I love Hershey, Pa., it’s a “sweet” family tradition!!! We always vacationed in Hershey, over 4th of July with our boys!! We have some interesting memories of Hershey, flooded streets, car alarms, high kicking legs, and some airborne chocolate milk!! Scott & Michael memories, the best kind!!

This trip, our first stop was Times To Remember, my absolute favorite scrapbook store, ever. They were having a 30% off sale for the "holiday"......30% off your entire order. That equals load up your cart with lot’s of the good stuff!!!

Next stop, The Hotel Hershey, the sweetest hotel on earth, and possibly the most expensive!! We took lot’s of pictures......

at all our favorite spots.......
the flowers are always purple here.....
I guess they knew I was coming!!

and the Reese's guy (check out those legs, definitely a guy)
Chuck is such a good sport!!!!

We had dinner at the Harvest House, on the grounds of The Hotel Hershey.

Perogies first, followed by baked chicken breast, mashed potatoes and fingerling potatoes.
That's a serious potato "overload"!!!
I have confessed in the past to my unhealthy obsession with potatoes.

We visited..........

where they have an awesome ride that explains the chocolate making process. We have been on this ride hundreds of times…….Chuck always acts like we don’t know the script by heart, we know every word. Next was the most amazing fireworks show and hershey kisses on our pillows!!!

In the morning we had breakfast in the circular dining room, where they have the most amazing omelet station. All you can eat everything, with a gorgeous view of the gardens and fountains. We revisited the Hershey gardens and the butterfly house, it gets better every time we go. It was hot but nothing could top last years temperatures of 107 degrees. That’s 107, not a typo, it was hard to complain this year remembering last years recording breaking temperatures!!

The ride home was super relaxing and it feels great to be home!!

Tomorrow, be ready for more awesome butterfly pictures!!!!!


  1. purple flowers - they knew you were coming. :) the 2 of you are so cute!

  2. How much fun! I love they had purple flowers just for you! :)

  3. I just know I would love this place.Any place named after a chocolate bar has to be good.I have yet to find a chocolate I don't like.The pictures are great.

  4. What a Sweet time you had!

    And I love the fireworks in your last post - they are amazing!

  5. Sounds like a wonderful place to visit! Your meal looks delish, too. Glad you had a great time and better temps.
    ~Cheryl (who is another chocolate lover)

  6. We visited the candy store in 2006 and just LOVED it!

  7. This time the sweetest couple at the sweetest hotel on earth? And again you made me hungry, but I don’t think I can eat up such a large portion. Purple flowers will welcome you, Debbie, on my new post, too. Have a nice week.


  8. Sounds like a real fun (and yummy) place to visit ;-)

  9. Sounds like a wonderful (and yummy!) time Debbie!
    I would be in Heaven at Chocolate World!!

  10. 30% off the entire order!!! I can so literally spend hours in a scrapbook store...oh, and the rest of your trip just gives you something to scrapbook ;-)

  11. I've only been to Hershey one time and I just remember the incredible chocolate smell.

  12. Sounds like a fun trip! I went to Hershey once a LONG time ago. Maybe we need to plan another visit; I think I may have missed out on some good stuff!

  13. Sounds like a great trip. How many mascots have you two posed with? :)