Friday, July 1, 2011

Garden Tour

A few days ago I promised a garden tour. 
Grab a nice big glass of iced tea and lets tour the yard...
it's gonna be a long one!!

Here is the bigger picture!
Those are Azaleas lining the driveway with low growing Juniper's in between!

Giant Locus Tree
front right side yard...
with rings of purple & white Impatiens.

Path to the front door...
lined with Daylilies to the right, Azaleas to the left, with Junipers in between!
These Daylilies were gorgeous a few weeks missed it. 

Front yard, center garden. 
Lot's of Evergreens, Astilbe, Daylilies, 
Ornamental Grass and Boxwood.
A Dogwood Tree in the center and a ring of purple & white Impatiens.

Back view of the front center garden!!
Evergreens, lot's of Daylilies and Coneflowers.
The tree in the center is a pink Dogwood!!

This garden is to the left of the front door, 
that is the living room window!!
More Daylilies and Spireas...Evergreens on either end.

Large garden around the mailbox with purple and white Impatiens.

Walkway to the backyard!!
Daylilies, Spireas and something yellow, I have no idea what it is!!

Same garden, looking back!!

Garden Flag on the side of the house.

This sign use to say "Welcome To My Garden!!
Now it just says garden...sigh
Hydrangeas, Jose Lilac and a Rose of Sharon!!

We are finally heading in to the backyard...

View as you enter the backyard...
The Hydrangea on the left is an Endless Summer, 
the others in that row are Knockout Roses. 

The back of the house...the deck wraps around the family room and kitchen.

Hemlocks and Azaleas, 
this garden hugs the back property line, to the left of the pool! 
I don't know what's in front...
there are 4 little bushes that get tiny white flowers. 

Close up of the back garden, one Big Leaf Hydrangea.

Pool area...Viburnum on the left

This window is my home office/craft room/blogging room...
this is where I take most of my bird pictures, from inside!!
There are 3 Hydrangea plants...two old fashioned, one big leaf...
and a Sand Cherry Tree, 
a lot of the birds land in that tree and I am able to photograph them there. 

Entry to pool area!!
Arbor with Old Fashioned Roses
6 Goldflame Spireas, 3 on each side!!

Pool area, looking at the back of the house.

A beautiful "fence" of Thuja Green Giant Arborvitae to the right...
provides privacy when we are floating swimming in the pool!

We planted these when they were about  6 foot tall,
they are currently about 25 feet tall!

This is how the gardens look today!!
By summers end, the gardens will be crowded and full of color!!

That's it...I'm done!!
I live here and I can't follow it anymore!!
All I can say is WOW, I have way too many gardens!!


TexWisGirl said...

i'm not a big gardener, but can certainly admire those who do! LOVE your walkways. so pretty. and i love your mailbox with the planter. around here it'd be knocked off by a baseball bat in no time flat...

Unknown said...

I love tours like these, thank you for sharing. It all looks so great and I'm sure it is fun to sit back and take it all in. Congrats!

Leontien said...

hmmm i woudn't mind a swim in your pool! And your garden looks really really lovely!!!

Thanks for sharing

don said...

This was a fine tour (thanks to your larger versions which are needed to fully appreciate what a lovely set of pictures you have posted.) It's all so impressive. I guess my favorite would be large number of windows looking our on the backyard. Your computer room to looks over those flowers. What a great view. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Bonnie said...

You can never have too many gardens. And yours are lovely! Now, what did you say I would be cooking when I come to visit and relax around your pool:)

Nancy said...

Wonderful, Debbie. You must enjoy your garden and pool so much during the summer. :)

Negerigeletschtempoit said...

All I can say is also WOW! What a beautiful house/garden !! How precious and well cared for. And what a view you have when you are swimming (floating) in that pool! I loved it!!
Thank you so much for sharing it with us. A present indeed.

Dianna said...

I have to ask: do you do all of your gardening???!! What a beautifully manicured yard!

Jill said...

Gorgeous! Your home, yard, gardens and pool are gorgeous! Thanks for a great tour.

Debbie said...

thank you all for the kind comments. you should not encourage me....i will be posting 4 times a day.

blogging is such a great way for me to share my joy, i really love it here!!

i have the most wonderful followers, you are all so very special!!

i cant decide said...

Very pretty! I love your deck and pool!

Ruth Hiebert said...

Thanks for the tour.Your gardens look wonderful.Who does all the upkeep?That looks like a full time job.

Adrienne said...

Magical....Click those ruby heels, cause there's no place like home!

Susan said...

I so enjoyed seeing around your delightful and abundant gardens.
All the windows would bring such gorgeous views inside too.
You've a great spot for your office/blogging centre ... I can see how you get to take such marvellous bird photos too.
I love your letterbox, it's so pretty!
The patterned brick paths are really nice too - adds just that little extra touch to your gardens.
Thankyou for showing us around :D)

Jennifer Brue said...

I loved the tour, your house is lovely! FYI there is no such thing as "too many gardens" especially when they look as yours do!! Now that summer is ending I want the "crowded and full of color" tour!! :-) (ps what happened to your fb?)

Anonymous said...

Wow!!! Is all that blooming right now?!! Its amazing! My tulips from last year are just starting peek out of the ground! I am a long way from any of that!! Thanks for the tour! Ps I swam in your pool. Hope you don't mind!!

Unknown said...

How close together did you plant your Green Giants when they were 6' tall, and how long did it take them to grow to 25'? We are planting some as a privacy screen behind our above-ground pool and deciding if we should offset them to get quicker coverage. We will be planting 6' tall ones as well. thanks!

Debbie said...

lana, it took about 7 years for them to mature to this point. we planted them fairly close together, because we wanted instant privicy. i don't remember the exact distance between, i just can't remember!!

Shona Martinez said...

I admire your property so much. From the entrance to the backyard, it’s all full of blooming flowers and lush greens. Plus, the landscaping is so fascinating. You’re a pretty good gardener because you were able to maintain your space nicely. It sure is quite taxing yet enjoying and fulfilling to work in your garden. I’m sure your neighbors envy your space a lot. ;) ->Shona Martinez

Sally said...

Love your house, yard, pool, you!


karen said...

You have such a beautiful home & yard. You can't beat the knockout rose bushes they bloom all summer long. I love your hydrangea plants & the pink dogwood tree, well lets just say I love it all, just beautiful.

Debbie said...

oooooh karen, this is an old one but the yard looks exactly the same. at the top of my blog, below my main picture, there is a tab "the nest" if you want to take a peak inside. there is also a garden tab but it could take all day. you are such a great supporter, i just wanted to let you know!!!!

karen said...

I just visited your beautiful home it is absolutely gorgeous. You & your husband did an excellent job designing this home & you decorating it. Love the kitchen alot of your post say 5:am posted, now I see why you get up so early such a beautiful view out your windows. I'm obsessed with beautiful homes & yards, always have been.

Rambler said...

I only just found your blog and so glad I did! I am now a 'Follower' because Iove all the posts I've been reading. Don't ever stop showing all that beautiful garden.
By the way - your yellow unknown shrub with the yellow flowers is what we call a 'Rose of Sharon' - but I bet you know that by now. I would love you to pop over to my blog - I'm in Cornwall UK.

Gigismom said...

Hi where did you get the house number for the mailbox with the planter?

Debbie said...

i ordered that mailbox, the black plate, the planter and the numbers, on-line a very long time ago from grandinroad. here is a link to something similar......