Friday, June 2, 2023

What's Going On...

Our skies have been impacted by the fires in Nova Scotia, Canada...
they have been gray, smokey and the air quality poor.
I am sending warm thoughts to those in Canada who are really impacted by these terrible fires. 

 They opened the pool yesterday, I love this time of year, but fall is still my favorite season.

I am still working on my blanket, it seems like it is moving a bit slowly.
Since breaking my wrist, I cannot knit for any length of time without taking a break.
I have done a few small projects in-between, but quite frankly, the blanket should be done by now.

We had our first corn on the cob of the season and it was quite amazing.

The hubs painted the bench I have by my front door, I washed the pillows and it looks so much better.
I am not sure anyone has ever "relaxed" on this bench, as I always say 
"it's just for looking at"!

It looks great by the front door, the pillows match my "hello" sign.

The deck is all set up, I need to get a more complete picture...
- next time -
These are our favorite chairs, under the awning...
I replaced the rug, you can see it peaking out.

The last 
Black Swallowtail Butterfly 
from winter has emerged.
I cleaned all the cages, well the hubs really did that,
and I am ready for this season.

The book club has chosen this read for this month.
I did not read last months book, I am hanging my head in shame,
but I will not be slacking this month.
I called the library, 
they put it on hold for me, 
I need to pick it up asap as I am a slow reader.

The Summer Bucket List is done


Marie Smith said...

Our skies were hazy yesterday from the smoke of Nova Scotia too. We had 30 degrees C yesterday. Today it is 8 and drizzly. We hope for lots of rain for our neighbours to the south over the next few days!

Leanne Coppola said...

I didn't read last months book either! And I run the Patron group!!!! Your porch furniture looks so nice. We need new furniture for our porch. Our old chairs all rotted and Buddy was trying to eat them.....ugh. So they went to the curb and now we have random mismatched stuff and nothing looks nice!

Ruth Hiebert said...

It is crazy how far that smoke travels. We had heavy smoke for a while, coming from northern Alberta and that's quite a distance from where I live. Have a wonderful weekend.

Linda said...

I love your bucket lists!!
It looks like you are ready for SUMMER!!!

Conniecrafter said...

I feel bad for all the fires, they are so unpredictable and you never know how long they will last, at least with storms they usually go through and they are done.
Did you tell us about breaking your wrist? Why don't I remember that? I can imagine that will make getting much done very hard, let along knitting.
We too just had our first corn on the cob, I love your little holders for them.
Your seating areas look very nice too, we sit out front on our bench every now and then, out whole porch needs to be painted.