Thursday, June 8, 2023

Inspire Me!

I look to Pinterest to inspire me to cook new foods,
for new ideas for the house, garden, crafts,
and anything else that tickles my fancy.

Let's start with food, 
that's a very good place to start...
Click the links for the recipe.

Upside Down Onion Tart
Preheat oven to 400 degrees.
On a sheet pan lined with parchment paper,
make rectangles (the size of pictured puff pastry).
Drizzle directly on parchment paper,
olive oil, balsamic vinegar, S&P, fresh thyme, 
sliced shallots, and grated parmesan cheese.
Cover with puff pastry, crimp edges, brush with egg wash,
bake for 20 minutes or until puff pastry is golden brown.
Flip and serve.
These are prepared upside down.

I have a lot of new shelves that need to be "decorated" 
with our office items 
and I dedicated a few shelves for pretty things.
These pictures helped to inspire me.

I like the way these coffee tables are styled.

I like these drapes for our Living Room, 
also a large clock in a grouping over the couch,
which has yet to arrive.

I would like to make one of these...

or one of these with my watercolors, now that I am reading.

- this is a pallet -

If I were to ever change the color of my front door,
this would be it.

These mason jars have tea lights in them, aren't they so cute?!

- my garden is my favorite teacher -


Leanne Coppola said...

Just like you said about my post, they're all so you!!!!!!!!! I didn't even know you could "style" a coffee table! lol. You mean it's not just a place to accumulate random stuff throughout the day and night?!!! hahaha

Debbie said...

oooooh lee, we are a little different in many ways, and the same in many others. i love your style, it is so much more relaxed and comfortable than mine. but peeps who visit always tell me they love my home and feel very comfortable in it. i can't wait for you to see what i have done with it!! i don't have the couch or curtains yet, everything else is done!!

R's Rue said...

The food looks good. Stay safe from the haze.

eileeninmd said...


All the food items looks yummy, I would especially love the cherry tomato tart and the onion tart. I love all the wicker baskets. Take care, enjoy your day!

Marie Smith said...

I’ve been changing up the menu a bit lately. The same menu can be boring but a few simple changes makes for lovely meals. Roasted garlic is a thing with us these days! So good with fresh pasta, EVO and Parmesan!

Rajani Rehana said...

Beautiful post

Black Knight said...

All the dishes look good. My favorite is Boursin Tomato Pasta.
I love the pallet.

Jim and Barb's RV Adventure said...

I'd try the onion tart, trifle and zucchini fries. The rest, not so much.

Conniecrafter said...

Of all the food the strawberry trifles look terrific!
Great ideas for bookshelves, the problem is we have so many books that I don't have room for anything else but books in mine.
Love the wicker baskets with all the goodies inside, I have something similar for my dining room table.
The bookmarks look fun to make, I have done cross stitch ones but never embroidered ones.
Love the line of boots on the fence with the plants, too cute!
You have a lot of fun ideas to try for sure :)