Monday, October 25, 2021

Can You Watch The Girls?

 My sister-in-law watches the girls in the morning, helps get them ready and off onto the bus for school.
Addie and Lorelei are her grandchildren and my great nieces.
She wakes them up, feeds them, helps them get dressed and brushes their hair...
makes sure they have everything they need for school and gets them to the bus stop by 8:35.

She could not do it Friday, so the hubs and I were thrilled to help out.
You have to be at their house at 6:45 am, SIX FORTY FIVE in the morning.
No problem!
We left early, picked up bagels and arrived by 6:40.
Addie, nine, was awake, she said she was so excited we were coming she couldn't sleep.
Lorelei, seven, was out cold, but waking her was not difficult and she woke with a smile.

I was nervous, they are like jumping beans and I was afraid they would break something under our watch.
Otherwise, they take care of themselves.

I got to brush their hair, that was amazing and they looked so pretty as they went off to school.

My niece always does an amazing job decorating the house for any and every holiday...
I thought I would share some pictures!

That's a television over the fireplace.

Her Halloween Tree

What a super fun way to start the day, I hope they need us again!


  1. That is sweet that you went over to help out.
    I am so loving that Halloween tree.. genius!

  2. Hello, Debbie
    Your great-nieces are adorable. I am sure you enjoyed your time with them, getting them ready for school.
    I like your niece's Halloween decorations, very cute and festive. Enjoy your day and the week ahead.

  3. That is great they have you to fall back on when the time arises, they sure look like they are happy and all ready for school!

  4. That sounds like a fun way to start the day.

  5. How blessed you are to be part of their lives! A little girl with red hair named Lorelei - I couldn't forget her! because in 1980 in high school up in Edison I had a red-haired friend named Lorelei !!!

    1. they are the brightest part of my life!! i hope you are well jeannee!!

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  7. The time spent with the grandchildren and the grand nieces is priceless.
    Very beautiful decorations.

  8. Of course hanging out with the kiddos is always the best fun ever! Your house looks beautiful, every decoration is delightful and best of all is your beach painting hanging! Is it a photo or painting? I adore it.

    1. this is my niece's house...that is a tv over their fireplace. they are "new wave" although they have had it for a while. you choose the picture you want to display while the tv is off. it's so cool, i love the options they have for christmas and winter!!

  9. The girls are so cute and look so sweet! I love the beautiful decorations at their house! WOW! It's beautiful! The TV is neat and I really didn't know about that!

  10. How fun for you to have this moment with those cute children. I loved all her Halloween decorations. A few times, I have thought about having a holiday tree. Now I'm to far to do that. I do decorate, but not like I used too.
    Blessings and hugs!