Monday, October 11, 2021

Rainy Days and Sundays...

 The weekend was a washout and I am fine with that...I adore a good rainy day.
Not a sprinkle, not a drizzle, I like heavy rain all day, thunder and lightning is a bonus!
Saturday we worked, Sunday was an at home fun day.

Odd thing on Saturday, 
the hubs walked to the front door and there was a fox sitting on our front doormat, a fox!
We live in a neighborhood, in the suburbs.
He yelled to me, I saw it run off, the only picture I have is in my mind.

We played games on Sunday...
I always win Bananagrams, almost always win Rack-O, but never win Match Madness!

We cooked dinner together...
- Cheesy Roasted Red Pepper Skillet Lasagna -

It was so good and the perfect meal for a rainy Sunday!

I watched the Giants football while the hubs napped.
They lost again, they are not having a very good season.

I finished this light gray February Hat on October 1st.

I started this dark gray February Hat on October 1st,
I worked on the hat today, it is for my son Michael for Christmas.

Speaking of Michael, we had a nice long conversation today, I can't wait for him to come home for Thanksgiving

- because when you stop and look around, this day is pretty amazing -


  1. hi there Debbie, thanks for the compliments on my red skirt! I got it at the thrift store! LOVED THE PICTURES on the previous post of the, he's so fluffy and pretty and that WATER.....SO BOLDLY BLINDINGLY bright blue! Enjoyed seeing the rose of sharon bushes....reminds me of my Grandma, she had a bunch of those, I think hers were all pink. Hope you had a great weekend! un oh!!---here you go posting pictures of good looking food again, ha ha!! LOL, makes me hungry. I like to listen to rainstorms too.

  2. Hello,
    Sounds like you had a great weekend, playing games, watching the football game and knitting. The hat is beautiful, well done. The food looks delicious! Enjoy your day, have a happy new week.

  3. Love the hat and delicious meal. Have a wonderful day.

  4. What a pity you couldn't take a picture of the fox!
    I also love the rainy days!

  5. Can you believe a fox on your welcome mat????? Wow that is pretty amazing. Your hat turned out ever so cute and I wish my hubby like to play games, he doesn't so I play on the computer.

  6. I am SO hungry for lasagna! And I watched that game too. I love the Cowboys and I'm glad they won but I sure hated to see all the injuries in that game. Love the hat you're working on! Hugs!

  7. It does sound like an amazing Sunday. Any Sunday with rain, is just the best.
    Your hats are wonderful. Foxes have adapted very well to to urban living.

  8. A fox! They don't usually get that close. Hope he was okay.

  9. I'm with the others regarding the lasagne! It looks delicious and mouth-watering. As for the hats...gray is my favorite go to color. Rainy days do have their benefits!

  10. A fox! I would have loved to have seen that. Now I've seen coyotes and bobcats in our yard... and raccoons bring their babies and tiny possums come to visit... but I would love to see a fox! DH and I watched a video of a box turtle playing soccer with a dog... that was hard to believe, but it was happening and not photo-oped. Guess there are more things, Horatio...
    Also love your food pics and knitted hats! We're not much on games... although DH does play some card games on the computer and I still fool around with Switch's Animal Crossing.

  11. It sounds a good weekend.
    The lasagne does look good.

    All the best Jan

  12. A good rainy day is a pleasure. Those hats will keep the lucky recipient nice and warm.

  13. I would love to know how to make these hats. Yours's look perfect. I love the colors. I'm sure your Michael will love it. I enjoyed reading about your delightful Sunday. Games are the best and I love how you two enjoy playing them. The meal looked delicious. of course.
    I do love a good rainstorm. However, I am not a fan of lightening or thunder.
    Blessing and hugs!

  14. I believe I got that Small Space magazine at the dollar store.

    1. YeS!! both magazines came from the dollar store. both are good, holiday sweets and treats was filled with awesome recipes!!

  15. You really did have an amazing weekend! Good food and good cosy kind of weather! We had a T-storm here last night but it came in late so we didn't get to enjoy it like we should have. Still hot during the day here in Texas but not SO hot! AC still on but this morning I put the kitties in the guest room, opened up both sets of French doors and turned on the attic fan. It was glorious to air out the house a bit! We watched the Giants and Cowboys after coming back from our movie. Mike had recorded it but he heard a familt talking about the score in the third quarter while we were leaving the theater. So we knew the Cowboys were winning but there's always that 4th quarter! It feels good to be a Dallas Cowboys fan again. We have had a rocky road for several years....

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  17. Yes, I actually enjoy those washout days too because we can turn things around to other wonderful moments like you did here! Enjoy all there is always!

  18. Oh wow a fox, that is just crazy, must be something forced him from his home. We have had rain ever since we got home from Michigan but that has helped me be able to get laundry and other work done around the house and catch up with all the blogging I missed over the past 6 days. that sure looks like a yummy meal you all made. The hat is too cute, and wow you are knocking out the second one too. That is great he is able to come home for Thanksgiving, Amanda was going to come home for Christmas but has decided not to now, so maybe next summer we will see her.