Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Fright Fest

 Great Adventure and thrill rides are not our thing.
But, I have been looking for something Halloween themed to do, where we would be outdoors,
not come into contact with others and most importantly, not touching anything.
Six Flags checked all the boxes and is only a 20 minute ride from home.
I knew they would have cool decorations and it would be a great place to take pictures...

and it was...

Wonder Woman

Riding around on my Zinger, this was a super fun evening.
oooooh and it wasn't scary, not even a little!

- I love halloween & I love that feeling: the cold air & the spooky dangers lurking around every corner -


  1. Looks like they had some cool fog machines working too, that gives a great atmosphere to the decorations, glad you had such a fun evening. My favorite was the scarecrow among all the mums :)

  2. Sounds like a fun time, love the Halloween decorations. The mums and the pumpkins lit up at night are favorites. Take care, have a great day!

  3. Hello Debbie,:=) Picture one, six, and seven, and the larger photo of the Jester, are really scary, and good fun. The Pumpkins are all smiling, not scary, but they did make me smile. I like the pretty bouquets of flowers in a tree like structure, not scary, but beautiful, however the mist adds a certain chilly atmosphere to the event, and I enjoyed seeing all the lights.

  4. I agree with you I did all my thrill rides in childhood and that was it for me too! These evening shots, and the lights and smoke and even with each ghoulish face you've created one awesome post. I adore your creation here, as we tagged along with you, thanks.

  5. Wow, that must have been a whole lot of fun. Great photos Debbie :) I need to get that candy in!

  6. Love the Halloween decorations.

    Fantastic photos, Debbie!

  7. Very colourful but some of them are a bit scary for me.

  8. I went to the Six Flags in 1999 and it was a wonderful trip.
    Beautiful photos: the atmosphere looks magic and the Halloween decorations are amazing.

  9. Loved the pumpkins. Looked up your Zinger and it is sure neat, glad you have it.

  10. Awesome decorations! I went to a Six Flags many, many years ago. I enjoyed it!