Tuesday, December 15, 2020

What Christmas Means To Me

 I have a flurry of thoughts and emotions when I think about
What Christmas Means To Me
Some people say "it's only a day" but to me it is a season of love, happiness,
and so much joy!
I enjoy everything about this season...

My Christmas cards are done and ready to be mailed.

I enjoy wrapping presents,
 although I ordered most gifts on line and had them sent directly to the recipient.
Gift choices I made...
and some special Christmas ornaments from 

Amazon also helped out a lot, what did we do before we had these options.
I have not been in one store and I am very happy with the gifts I selected.

There is one present under the tree for the hubs and I,
Santa brought it!

Today was an awesome snail mail day...more than ten cards came,
I love Christmas cards and snail mail.

Christmas means keeping up with my Christmas countdown chalk board.

The hubs ordered the right donut at DD the other day, but got the wrong one,
and it ended up being my new favorite.

Our COVID-19 cases are up very high.
It is so sad to see the number tick up so quickly.

I have been playing this song list everyday.
As I bake, wrap, and tidy things up before Mike arrives on Friday or Saturday,
depending on the weather.

We are suppose to get snow on Wednesday, fingers crossed, pjs inside out...
I really want snow!


eileeninmd said...


Christmas is a season of happiness, love and joy! The Covid numbers rising is scary, we all have to be careful in the next few months. It does feel good to have to presents sent off. Your donut looks so yummy. Have a happy day and a great week ahead.

Brian King said...

All of our shopping was done online as well. I've been doing that for several years since I don't like crowded stores. Shopping aside, I do miss the other festivities associated with Christmas.

Leanne Coppola said...

I really want snow too!!!!! I have my pot roast all ready! LOL. Everything looks so pretty and I'm always impressed with how tidy your things are. Your stack of cards are perfect. Mine are always a mess! I didn't get to cards this year....maybe I'll try to squeeze it in this week.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

It looks like you have snow on the way! I love your playlist and the beautiful cards you've received. Enjoy your day! holiday hugs!

Changes in the wind said...

No shopping for me as the family has decided not to exchange gifts this year but rather have saved their money and will be here with us for Christmas so they are my present:)

Debbie said...

oooooh leanne, you crack me up and i love you. you have enriched my life in so many ways!!

and i hope you are making mashed potatoes!! hehehehehe

Debbie said...

ooooh, thats an awesome gift!!!

Karen said...

I love the holiday season! To me, Christmas is a time for love, family and giving. We celebrate right up to the 12th night. I used to be involved with charities at Christmastime. Now with Covid, I won't be. Well, not in person anyway.

I did all my shopping online as well, and I am thrilled with the gifts I bought.

We are lucky, our daughter, grandie, and son in law, are in our bubble, so we will be celerating the season with them.

Enjoy the holidays Debbie! Cheers!

Judy said...

You are supposed to get a LOT of snow on Wednesday.
I hope you are ready! :-)

Ruth Hiebert said...

Snow just helps to make it feel like Christmas. I have done a fair bit of online shopping as well.

Marie Smith said...

Oh Debbie, can I send snow your way this winter? Pretty please?

Linda said...

I spy my card!!!
I love how you feel about Christmas! Me, too. I have some online shopping to do tonight or in the morning to be sent to Snyder, Texas and one gift to buy for my youngest son and then I am DONE! Take me OFF the fire!
I wish you snow!

Conniecrafter said...

yes being able to order on line has been wonderful that is for sure, and I hear it has created a lot more jobs, so that is good for a few people and their families. Well the donut was a happy screw up wasn't it :) Sorry to hear about your cases, we were bad for a couple of weeks but they have hardened the restrictions and that has seemed to bring the cases down, and maybe it was from Thanksgiving and now we are back to normal, not sure. It is snowing here as I type this to you and it is coming your way, it is so pretty but listening to the news this morning it also brought a lot of accidents, quite slick conditions out there this morning they say.

Susie said...

Don't you love the card from Linda and LD. I sure do. Your snowman is adorable. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

LeAnn said...

You are so organized. I finally got my last cards out today. I kept needing more. I do love receiving cards too. Connecting with old friends is so fun. I love how you do your shopping. I did most of my shopping on-line too. I want to check out some of your places; they looked interesting. Amazon is a great way to go. Your Santa present looks lovely. Of course, the donut looks delicious.
I do love listening to Christmas music and Johnny Mathis is one of my favorites.
Our Covid cases have been high too. The one I worry about the most is how many beds are there in the ICU's. Right now we are at capacity. May the New Year bring good thing to come and one of those is Covid control.
I'm so excited about your son coming home.
Sending loving thoughts and hugs!